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Bottom Line Statement

Note to Reader: We are not getting paid by manufacturer, this is an independent review

The Basics About This Device

We wanted to do something a bit different with this device review so we decided to tackle the X7. You’ve probably noticed that, up until now, all of the Heat-Not-Burn devices we’ve reviewed have had a brand name (for example: IQOS, GLO, JOUZ, Lambda, UWOO, etc.). The X7 device doesn’t have that, or, more specifically, it doesn’t display that on either the device or the packaging.

Now you may be thinking ‘Isn’t that disadvantageous for the manufacturer?’ Yes. And no. Some manufacturers focus moreso on wholesale than they do on individual device sales, as there is greater stability for the manufacturer in wholesaling if they can secure contracts/partnerships with wholesalers. This means that the manufacturer, and the device they create, must appeal to wholesalers. This is particularly important in a place like Shenzhen, China, where almost all of the Heat-Not-Burn devices we’ve reviewed come from. The manufacturers, who are called Original Equiptment Manufacturers (OEM), must stand out amongst hundreds of other Heat-Not-Burn and e-cigarette manufacturers. Some savvy manufacturers have decided to stand out, by not standing out at all. They choose to remove their logo from their devices so that the wholesalers who purchase their products can sell them to resellers, which are known as Value Added Resellers (VARs). VARs are interested in purchasing products without logos as then they can put their logo on the devices and resell them as their own. (To read more about this check out part 2 our 2-part series ‘Manufacturing Heat-Not-Burn.’)

Why go through all this trouble though? Like we said above, for many OEMs this is a solid option as there is stability in partnerships with wholesalers. They can become steady clients, that bring in income on top of individually made income. Sure, it’s a bit frustrating that in most cases we do not get to find out what hard working teams created these awesome HnB devices, but if it helps the OEM, then who are we to complain? Instead, we’ve decided to celebrate their spirit of entrepreneurship and review their device with as much information as we currently have. Perhaps with this, and other reviews on our site, we will eventually discover who the OEM is. Fingers crossed!

*Note* We’ve heard that this device is possibly manufactured by FLYoung, a company that has previously manufactured and sold vapes. Unfortunately, we have no concrete proof of this at the time being.


Anyway, back to the review. X7 is an integrated device that can be used approximately 20 times consecutively before needing to be charged. The device is relatively simply and easy to use. It does not offer temperature control or a self-cleaning function, but nevertheless it is a enjoyable device to use. X7 is obviously made of high quality materials and performs well. It is somewhat comparable to IQOS and is very similar to QOQ Honor in terms of design.

It can be purchased in 3 colors; rose gold, gray, and black.

HeatSticksHEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks
before needing to recharge device)
Officially 20 HeatSticks and our test users got 20
Charging Time1 hour, 41 minutes
Life Expectancy1 year
ColorsRose gold, gray, and black

Product Unboxing & First Use


Your X7 kit will include the HnB device, the manual, the Quality Control pass, the USB cable, and a cleaning brush.

When we got our device, it only had half charge remaining, therefore we would recommend charging it before your first use. To do so, just plug the USB cable into an adaptor and then a power source. If it is connected properly, the LED indicator light will begin flashing. The color the light flashes indicates what level of charge is still remaining. Dark blue means there is a 75% or more charge remaining, light blue means 75%-50% remaining, orange/yellow means 50%-25%, and red means 25% or less. When the X7 device is fully charged, the LED light will turn off completely. Charging will take approximately 1 hour, 41 minutes .

Our team members did find that it was sometimes difficult to determine what color the LED indicator light is. At one angle the light will look dark blue, but if you hold the device at a different angle it looks light blue. We hope that the next device from this company has clearly defined colors like red vs. blue or green vs. white, etc.

That being said, a common problem we’ve had with LED indicator lights is that, when in direct sunlight, it’s almost always very difficult to determine what color the LED light is showing, or even if it’s turned on at all. X7 does not have this problem. Even when you’re using your device outside, you can easily see that the light is lit. Very helpful!

Now that your device is charged, it’s ready to use. Press and hold the control button until the device vibrates and the LED light begin flashing. This indicates that the heating process has begun. The heating process will take approximately 20 seconds in total, at which time, the device will vibrate again and the LED light will turn solid, thus letting you know that the device is ready to use.

The cycle will last for 4 minutes and 35 seconds. If you ever need to stop the cycle halfway through, just press and hold the control button until the device vibrates and the LED indication light turns off. If you complete the cycle and want another, you can do so by repeating the steps above.

Day to Day Use

Since this device doesn’t come with a warranty it’s extra important to take good care of it, if you want it to live a long and happy life. The best thing you can do to care for this Heat-Not-Burn device is clean it regularly. Cleaning your device will help eliminate the excess tobacco residue and other grime that may build up over time.


The X7 does have a self-cleaning function, which makes cleaning even easier for you. We here at Heat180 recommend using the self-cleaning feature once daily and then manually cleaning the device once per week.

To activate the self-cleaning, click the control button 5 times in rapid succession until the LED indicator light begins flashing. The cleaning process will take about 1 minute, 32 seconds in total. When the cleaning process is over the LED indicator light will go out and the device will vibrate twice.

For manual cleaning wait until the device is fully cooled then remove the cap and the HeatSticks heating chamber insert. Then, use the cleaning brush tool that is provided in your kit to gently loosen any tobacco residue that is still in the heating chamber and on the blade. When the residue is loose, turn your X7 device upside down and tap on its body so that the residue falls out.

How To Turn ON/OffPress and hold the control button until the devices vibrates and the LED indicator light begins flashing
Temperature Adjustment?No
Heating Time?20 seconds
Indication that the Heating Process has StartedVibration and LED indicator light flashes
Indication that Device is Ready to UseVibration and the LED indicator turns solid
Length of Cycle4 minutes, 35 seconds
Indication that Device is Powering OffVibration and LED indicator light flashes
How to Shut Off DevicePress and hold the control button until the devices vibrates and the LED indicator light turns off
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 20 HeatSticks and our test users got 20
How to Check Battery StatusClick control button once
Indicate when Device Needs Cleaning?None
How Often Should You Clean the Device?Daily
Self-Cleaning FunctionYes - click control button 5 times in
rapid succession until LED light begins
Length of Self-Cleaning1 minute, 32 seconds
How to Manually Clean DeviceSee section titled 'Day to Day Use'
TroubleshootingSee 'FLYoung X7 Manual' button below

Investing in a X7 Device

First we’ll start with what we like about the device. We want to give a shoutout to the fact that this device does not get hot to the touch. It’ll get kind of warm after a couple consecutive uses, but it won’t get hot. Our test users were surprised by this as the exterior of the device is metal, which usually heats up quickly, especially with a max temperature as high as X7’s 216° C. With some devices, they get so hot that you can lightly burn your hand if you hold them the wrong way. We’re so glad this device isn’t like that. In fact, we find the quality of the device material to be very good.

In addition, the device provides a good number of cycles, charges relatively quickly and is satisfying to use.

Overall, investing in this device is a bit of a toss up as to whether it will be worthwhile to you. If the device does have a technical malfunction, it will not be replaced as it is not covered by a warranty. (At least it’s only worth $33USD!) However, despite this, we still find it a pretty solid investment for anyone who is a less frequent or casual user. So it doesn’t have a brand name, so what? It’s good quality and satisfying to use. Isn’t that what matters most?

HeatSticks Overview

The X7 brand does not product their own HeatSticks. Instead, their devices are designed to work with other branded HeatSticks, such as HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS HeatSticks.

X7 Manual


X7 does not come with a warranty, nor does it come with any manufacturer contact information. This means that if you have problems with the device, you’re up the creek, so it’s important with this device to weigh the pros and cons money-wise. Yes it’s a good quality device for cheap, but no, it does no come with any financial guarantee.


Kit Price$33USD
Diameters97 x 30 x 23 mm
Weight with Packaging157g
Battery TypeLi-ion 2200 mAh
Power InputUSB Cable
Charging Time1 hour, 41 minutes
Time it Takes for Device to Heat20 seconds
Maximum Blade Temperature216 C/ 421 F
Temperature AdjustmentNo
How Many Cycles Before Device Needs ChargingOfficially 20 HeatSticks and our test users got 20
How Long Does a Cycle Last4 minutes, 35 seconds
HeatSticksHEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Built-In Cleaning MechanismYes - click control button 5 times in
rapid succession until LED light begins
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased SeparatelyNo
Colors AvailableRose gold, gray, and black
Comparable ToIQOS 3.0 Multi, QOQ Honor
In the KitDevice
X7 Manual
Quality Control Certificate
USB Cable
Cleaning Brush
Manual LanguagesEN (may vary based on region of purcahse)
Warranty TermsNone
How Does It Look?Sleek and shiny
How Does It Feel?Cool to the touch, solid, a bit heavy
Easy To Use?Yes
Easy To Clean?Yes

(Possibly FLYoung)
Release Date2019

(Possibly FLYoung)
Location of ManufacturerChina
Year in BusinessUnknown
Manufacturer WebsiteN/A
Impression of Manufacturer's WebsiteN/A
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer ServiceN/A
Manufacturer Contact Information for WholesalersN/A
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling toN/A
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale toN/A
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer OffersUnknown
Where to BuyOnline
Where to Buy FLYoung X7 and other FLYoung devices?Various AliExpress stores
Shipping and delivery timeVaries based on region

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    Review - X7
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