IQOS 3 DUO Troubleshooting

Is your IQOS device not working? Fear not, here’s a simple guide to IQOS 3 DUO troubleshooting. Can you improve...


Review – Lambda CC

A powerful device that offers you lots of ways to customize your experience using it.


Review – Switch

Switch isn’t the most powerful, but it offers an experience unlike any other.


Your Health and Heat-not-Burn

Heat-not-Burn is called a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, but is it really? On this page we will explore common...


Review – Avbad Axis+

WOULD WE RECOMMEND Avbad Axis+ is a basic device. It does have some useful features, like temperature adjustment and self-cleaning....


Review – Greensound TOBA

  WOULD WE RECOMMEND Fabulous in every way possible! Greensound’s TOBA is a great device to have for both new...


Review – Aokey C&O

  WOULD WE RECOMMEND This device is so cool as it allows you to use both GLO and IQOS HeatSticks....


Review – GLO Hyper

GLO Hyper is a great device! Very similar to GLO Pro as it offers two unique settings; Standard and Boost. The biggest difference is that GLO Hyper only works with Neo Demi Slim HeatSticks.