When discussing Heat-Not-Burn an integral part of the dialogue is HeatSticks. HeatSticks are essentially the reinvention of traditional cigarettes, as they contain the tobacco, but are designed specifically for Heat-Not-Burn devices. HeatSticks somewhat resemble a traditional cigarette but, in most cases, are shorter and thinner. They do not, however, burn like traditional cigarettes, as they are designed for heating and, if lit, will extinguish shortly thereafter. However, when heated they create a flavorful vapor. You can think of a HeatStick as the vaping capsule since it holds the nicotine substance and must be heated.

Each HnB brand manufacturer has their own version of HeatSticks, which can differ in size and appearance, thus rendering most HeatSticks incompatible with devices not belonging to the same brand. HeatSticks are frequently referred to by their brand name, with Heets (IQOS) and NeoStiks (GLO) being some of the most well-known. (In an effort to avoid confusion, brand name HeatSticks will be referred to simply as ‘HeatSticks’ in all Heat180 publications.)

Nevertheless, most HnB devices are designed in a similar fashion. Most devices, whether integrated or multi-component, require the user to insert the HeatStick into a heating chamber. Heating chambers will either have a warming blade located within which is intended to pierce and heat the HeatStick, or have warming coils which surround and the warm the HeatStick. Once warmed to the correct temperature, the HeatStick will generate a vapor which can be inhaled through a filter located on the end of the HeatStick, similar to a traditional cigarette. Much like the external HeatStick design, the internal design is also decided by the manufacturer. This means that not all HeatSticks contain the same ingredients, percentage of nicotine, or structure. (For more information on a specific brand of HeatSticks, including design diagrams and flavor reviews, please see the corresponding brand’s review page.)

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