Best HeatStick

IQOS HeatSticks

Here you can find a selection of all IQOS HeatStick flavors, including HEETS, HEETS Creations/ Dimensions, and Marlboro for IQOS.

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GLO HeatSticks

Looking for your perfect GLO HeatStick? Check out all the flavors GLO offers in their Neo, Kent, Dunhill, and Neo Demi Slim lines.

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Fiit HeatSticks

Fiit HeatSticks offer a unique blend of flavors, not common in many HeatSticks. Browse their selection here.

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Ploom Heatsticks

Another big player in the Heat-not-Burn world, Ploom are from Japan.

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Herbal Heatsticks

Looking for a HeatStick without tobacco? Here’s some of the best herbal HeatStick brands on the market. Available nicotine-free or with nicotine.

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