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The Basics About This Device


When it was launched IQOS 3.0 Multi instantly became a user favorite for Heat-Not-Burn devices. It improved the speed and convenience at which IQOS devices could be enjoyed. Nevertheless, IQOS 3.0 Multi has it’s flaws as well. For example, it can only be used 10 times before needing charging and it is expensive. iBuddy, a brand new to Heat180 reviews, offers an alternative to IQOS that provides more uses, is inexpensive, and is satisfying!

iBuddy Se is one of brand’s newest devices. Unlike other iBuddy Heat-Not-Burn devices, Se is not boxy, but rather is compact and sleek. iBuddy Se is a multi-use device, meaning that it can be used approximately 16 times before needing to be charged. iBuddy does not offer temperature adjustment or length of cycle adjustment. It also does not include a self-cleaning feature. It is, however, the fastest charging device we’ve ever reviewed, which makes it perfect for frequent and on-the-go users!

iBuddy comes in 3 colors; white, black, or red

HeatSticksHEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 12-13, but our test users got 16
Charging Time35 minutes
Life Expectancy1 year
ColorsBlack, Silver, Red

Product Unboxing & First Use


Included in the iBuddy Se kit is the device, the Se manual, a USB cable, and cleaning sticks. Once everything is out of the box, check the device charge by pressing the control button once. The LED indicator light will show the percent of charge remaining in the device. Blue indicates more than 70% charge remaining, green indicates 70%-50%, and yellow indicates less than 50% charge. We recommend charging all new HnB devices before use, even if the device indicates that it has a high charge remaining. Usually, this doesn’t take too long and its a good way to familiarize yourself with the device.

To charge the device simply attach the USB cable to an adaptor (note that the kit does not include an adaptor) and plug it into a power source. When connected, the LED indicator light will light up red if it is in need of charge. It will stay lit until fully charged, at which point the lit will turn off and you can unplug the device. One of our favorite things about iBuddy Se is that it takes only 35 minutes to charge the device fully! This is the fastest charging time we have EVER seen on a Heat-Not-Burn device! Impressive!


Now your iBuddy Se is ready to heat! Insert a HeatStick into the HeatSticks heating chamber, then press and hold the control button to begin the heating process. The device will vibrate and the LED indicator light will flash red as the device heats. Once fully heated, the device will vibrate once more and the LED indicator light will turn solid red. Your iBuddy Se is now ready to use!

The cycle will last approximately 3 minutes and 56 seconds. When it is nearing the end the device will vibrate once again as a warning that it will soon power off. If you ever need to stop the cycle, you can press and hold the control button until the LED light turns white and begins to flash, then turns off entirely.

One thing that really impressed us about our iBuddy Se experiences, was the temperature that the device runs at, approximately, 267° C or 513° F! This is the highest temperature of any Heat-Not-Burn device we’ve tested so far! It even beats out IQOS, which claims that their devices heat to 350° C/ 662° F, but our testing has always found that they hover around 250° C or 482° F. The high temperature makes for a great “smoking” experience, as it really brings out the flavor of the HeatStick!

Unfortunately, the high temperature does mean that the device does get somewhat hot to the touch, especially after two or three consecutive uses, but never to the point of burning your hand. The ‘iBuddy Se Tips’ included in the kit do recommend waiting 3-5 minutes between uses to avoid this problem.

When you are finished using iBuddy, push the HeatSticks eject button up and take the HeatStick out. This helps reduce the amount of residue left in the HeatSticks heating chamber. If you forget, though, it’s no big deal, just make sure to carefully clean the heating chamber next time you do your regular cleaning.

One design feature we would like to see in the next iBuddy device is to have the HeatSticks eject button push the HeatSticks heating chamber insert up, but also to bring it back down. As it is, when you push the HeatSticks eject button, the heating chamber insert comes up to allow you to take the HeatStick out, but then you have to push it back down by pressing on it – the button does nothing to lower it back down to its natural position. This isn’t a big deal, just something we’d like to see in the next iBuddy!

Day to Day Use

We say this in all our reviews, but make sure you clean regularly! Cleaning regularly is the best way to keep your device functioning well! One of our few complaints about iBuddy Se is that it does not have a self-cleaning function. It is so convenient in every other way, but unfortunately you have to manually clean this device. Don’t worry though, as cleaning is easy!

To start, just press the HeatSticks eject button up until the HeatSticks heating chamber insert comes out at the top. Once it’s up far enough, pull it out the rest of the way – it comes out easily. Then gently lower your cleaning brush into the HeatSticks heating chamber and rotate it to get rid of residue. If you have Heat-Not-Burn cleaning sticks on hand, those would work too.

When you’re done, replace the heating chamber insert and you’re ready to go again!

How To Turn ON/OffPress and hold control button until device vibrates and the LED indicator lights begin flashing
Temperature Adjustment?No
Heating Time?18 seconds
Indication that the Heating Process has StartedLED indicator light flashes red and device vibrates
Indication that Device is Ready to UseLED indicator light stops flashing and turns solid red, and device vibrates
Length of Cycle3 minutes, 56 seconds
Indication that Device is Powering OffVibration and in the last second the LED indicator light flashed white 3 times
How to Shut Off DevicePress and hold control button
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 12-13, but our test users got 16
How to Check Battery StatusPress control button once
Indicate when Device Needs Cleaning?No
How Often Should You Clean the Device?At least once a week
Self-Cleaning FunctionNo
How to Manually Clean DeviceSee section titled 'Testing - Day to Day Use'
TroubleshootingSee 'iBuddy Se Manual' button below

Investing in a iBuddy Device


iBuddy Se is a great device to have on hand! It is convenient, lightweight, and provides a satisfying experience. Our test users absolutely loved that it was able to reach such high temperatures! They also loved that it was fast-charging which made it super convenient!

iBuddy is manufactured by Shenzhen Buddy Technology Co. Ltd. The company was founded in 2008 and is known for their vapes and HnB devices.

iBuddy products have been growing in popularity for the past few years! Perhaps they are becoming well-known, since their products are well-liked. Currently, almost all iBuddy devices on AliExpress have 5 star ratings with users often recommending the brand. We think that, for the price, iBuddy is a great alternative to more expensive devices like IQOS 3.0 Multi.

HeatSticks Overview

The iBuddy brand does not product their own HeatSticks. Instead, their devices are designed to work with other branded HeatSticks, such as HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS HeatSticks.

*note* iBuddy does mention the ‘iBuddystick’ in their manual. We too were confused when we read this, but they actually just mean IQOS branded HeatSticks

iBuddy Se Manual


iBuddy does not disclose their warranty terms. Instead, the company recommends that you contact them if you have technical issues with your device or are not satisfied up to 14 days after receiving your iBuddy device, but only if it was purchased from iBuddy directly. It appears that if you purchased the device from an alternative distributor (for example, an unauthorized Aliexpress store), your device will not be covered by a warranty in any way.


Kit Price$48USD
Diameters84 x 25 x 15 mm
Weight with Packaging199g
MaterialAluminium Alloy
Battery TypeLi-ion (900mAh)
Power InputUSB Cable
Charging Time35 minutes
Time it Takes for Device to Heat18 seconds
Maximum Blade Temperature267 C/ 513 F
Temperature AdjustmentYes
How Many Cycles Before Device Needs ChargingOfficially 12-13, but our test users got 16
How Long Does a Cycle Last3 minutes, 56 seconds
HeatSticksHEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Built-In Cleaning MechanismNo
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased SeparatelyNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Silver, Red
Comparable ToIQOS 3.0 Multi
In the KitDevice
USB Cable
Cleaning Accessories
Manual LanguagesZHO, EN
Warranty TermsWarranty terms are not disclosed,
read more here
How Does It Look?Clean and shiny
How Does It Feel?Solid
Easy To Use?Yes
Easy To Clean?Somewhat
DeviceiBuddy Se
Release DateUnknown
ManufacturerShenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co. Ltd.
Location of ManufacturerShenzhen, China
Year in Business2015
Manufacturer WebsiteHere
Impression of Manufacturer's WebsiteEasy to navigate
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer
Manufacturer Contact Information for WholesalersSkype: +86-755-6155 2385
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling toUnknown
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale toUnknown
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer OffersiBuddy Se, iBuddy iS, iBuddy i1
Where to BuyOnline
Where to Buy iBuddy Se and other iBuddy devices?Here or Here
Shipping and delivery timeVaries based on region

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  1. George from the heat180 community

    With its metallic finish, it feels solid in the hand.

    Review - iBuddy Se
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