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Bottom Line Statement

Note to Reader: We are not getting paid by manufacturer, this is an independent review

The Basics About This Device

The original GLO currently has the highest review rating on our website, so when we ordered GLO Mini we knew it had alot to live up to in terms of standards. It did not disappoint.

GLO Mini is designed and created by the same manufacturer as the original GLO device, British American Tobacco (BAT). Physically and functionally, it’s quite similar to the original GLO device, just a bit smaller. GLO Mini weighs 86g and measures 82 x 41 x 20mm. Like the original device, it is also an integrated device that can be used approximately 15-18 times in succession before needing to be charged. GLO Mini is easy to use and is low-maintenance. It has a lifespan of 1-2 years.

A special feature that all GLO devices share is that they do not contain heating blades. Rather, GLO devices have coils within the heating chambers which create a sort of induction heating. GLO developers claim that this allows the HeatStick to heat more evenly than with a blade, which heats the section closest to the blade most, while sections farther from the blade receive less heating.

Moreover, the physical design of GLO Mini is completely original within the Heat-Not-Burn industry. Very few knock-off companies are copying it, despite it being less prone to failure or breakage than other popular designs.

Product Unboxing and First Use

The GLO Mini kit includes the device, a Micro-B USB cable, a cleaning brush, the manual, and the warranty card. It is important to note that a USB adaptor is not included in the GLO kit.

First things first when you get your device, check the charge. To do this, click on the control button once. The number of LED indicator lights that light when the button is pressed, correspond to the remaining charge. Four lights means 100% charge remaining, three lights mean 75%, two lights is 50%, and one light means that there is 25% or less charge remaining. If the indicator lights start at anything less than 100%, we recommend charging the device. To do this simply connect the USB cable to the USB port located on the underside of the device. Charging should take no more than 1 hour and 5 minutes.

When you’ve finished charging the GLO Mini, it’s time to use it! The first step is to insert a HeatStick into the heating chamber. If you’ve used IQOS, or any other devices with blades, the GLO brand is a nice change as it does not have one. That means that you don’t have to worry quite so much about any of the device mechanics breaking while you’re trying to insert a HeatStick.

Once the HeatStick has been inserted, press and hold the control button for a few seconds until the device vibrates and the LED indicator lights begin flashing. To start, only one light will flash but by the time the heating period is over all four lights should be lit. This process takes approximately 40 seconds. When the device has heated fully not only will the lights be on, but the device will vibrate once again. The cycle with GLO Mini, as with all GLO devices, is a bit shorter than most HnB products as it lasts only 3.5 minutes. This seems shocking, but keep in mind when the device powers down, you can always begin another cycle by pressing and holding the control button again.

A unique feature with GLO devices is that you can stop the cycle at any point by holding down on the power button until the device vibrates. This is ideal for individuals who use the device in at work or in spaces where they could potentially be interrupted. Unfortunately, the cycle cannot be paused and so after stopping a cycle, the user must begin a new one and wait for the device to re-heat.

When you’re satisfied, pull the HeatStick out of the heating chamber and properly dispose of.

How To Turn ON/OffPress and hold control button for a few seconds
Temperature Adjustment?No
Heating Time?40 seconds
Indication that the Heating Process has StartedOne LED indicator light will start flashing and device will vibrate
Indication that Device is Ready to UseAll LED indicator lights will turn solid white and device will vibrate
Length of Cycle3.5 minutes
Indication that Device is Powering OffLED indicator lights flash and device vibrates
How to Shut Off DevicePress and hold control button for a few seconds until the device vibrates and the LED indicator lights shut off
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 15 HeatSticks, but our test users got 18
How to Check Battery StatusPush control button once

4 solid LED lights 100%power
3 solid LED lights 75% power
2 solid LED lights 50% power
1 solid LED light 25% power
Indicate when Device Needs Cleaning?No
How Often Should You Clean the Device?Every 20 HeatSticks
Self-Cleaning FunctionNo
How to Manually Clean DeviceWait until device is cooled, open both ends of heating chamber, insert cleaning brush and turn until debris falls out
TroubleshootingSee 'GLO Mini Manual' button below

Testing & Day to Day Use

The Heat180 team loves this device, just as we have other GLO products. We were discussing this product the other day, and agreed that there are very few other devices on the market that match any of GLO’s in terms of quality, design, or performance, especially for such a reasonable price!

Now we have seen some feedback in online reviews of GLO Mini, in which some individuals advise that you not purchase this GLO model as it does not have a strong a battery as the full-size GLO devices. While that’s true (you can nearly double the amount of HeatSticks used consecutively with the other GLO devices), I would hesitate to write GLO Mini off entirely. For anyone who needs a smaller, lighter device, that still has a good battery, GLO Mini offers a reasonable solution. Instead I advise that before purchasing any GLO device determine your top needs (e.g. long-lasting battery to get you through a long work day, small device for frequent travel, etc.), then compare each model.

Another thing our team, including our test users, loved was how easy the device is to use. One button controls all functions, four indicator lights tell you everything you need to know, and due to the device design, cleaning is a breeze!

As for cleaning, we recommend that you do so once per day if you are a frequent user. It sounds daunting but all it requires is for you to open the top and bottom ends of the heating chamber then run the cleaning brush through the entire length of the device. Flip the device at some point and repeat this action from the opposite end. Done!

Investing in a GLO Device

As stated above, we here at Heat180 think GLO is a solid brand to invest in. The devices are well-made and durable, they provide a satisfying hit, and they are easy to use and convenient.

What’s best is that GLO devices come in a range of prices for every budget. The basic GLO kit retails for approximately $40.00USD. For individuals wanting something fancier there are options to upgrade to GLO Luxury Edition or GLO Elements Limited Edition, which both retail for approximately $85.00USD. GLO also offers bundles.

If you are new to Heat-Not-Burn, GLO is a great investment as it is less expensive than some of the other brands available on the market. If you simply wish to try, then discover that you don’t like it, it’s not a massive financial loss.

HeatSticks Overview

GLO’s brand of HeatSticks are called Neo or Kent NeoStiks. NeoStiks are specifically designed for GLO products. They look a bit like a traditional cigarette but are much thinner. NeoStiks can burn if lit but will usually only last for a few puffs before extinguishing. The ingredient list for NeoStics does not appear to be public nor does the percentage of nicotine in each stick. NeoStiks are compatible with all GLO devices and come in several flavors. For more a full listing of NeoStik flavors click here.

Note: With GLO devices the heating occurs around the outside of the NeoStick, therefore, when removed, the wrapper will have quite alot of discoloration. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Tips and Tricks

One minor complaint we have with GLO is the minor fixes that need to be attended to on their website (this is for (Canada) only). When we first attempted to purchase GLO Mini every time we added the color we wanted (red) to our cart, it would automatically change to black. We had to call GLO Canada customer service to fix the issue. It took several calls, however we commend their attentiveness. Another minor issue is the registration link for GLO’s warranty on appears to be broken. And, as George said in the video above, there is a small amount of misinformation on the site. However, these are minor issues. We do recommend though that if you come up against them to contact GLO as many times as necessary to fix the issue. In our experience, they are more than willing to help.

GLO Mini Manual


GLO Mini has a 1-year warranty, unless extended by the user. In each kit, there should be a warranty card which will explain how to register the device for an extended warranty. In some countries, if you purchase the device off the official GLO website for that region, the device will already be pre-registered.

The warranty kit for this device does not explain in-depth the terms of the warranty, but GLO’s official website states that any damaged or defective devices will be exchanged so long as the company is informed within a “reasonable time after purchase.” Any devices that are damaged or defective must be shipped back to GLO. GLO will cover the cost of shipping unless the items are not covered by the warranty.


Kit Price$60.00USD
Diameters82 x 41 x 20mm
Weight with Packaging307g
Battery TypeLi-ion (2000mAh)
Power ImputMicro-B USB
Charging TimeApproximately 1 hour and 5 minutes
Time it Takes for Device to HeatApproximately 40 seconds
Maximum Blade Temperature391 F, 199 C
Temperature AdjustmentNo
How Many Cycles Before Device Needs Charging strong>Officially 15, but our testers usually got 18
How Long Does a Cycle Last3.5 minutes
HeatSticksNeo and Kent NeoSticks
Built-In Cleaning MechanismNo
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased SeparatelyYes
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue, Red, Purple
Comparable ToThe original GLO device, and GLO Series 2
In the KitDevice
Micro-B USB cable
Cleaning Brush
Manual LanguagesDepends on region of purchase
Warranty Terms1 year warranty
How Does It Look?Clean
How Does It Feel?Solid and durable
Easy To Use?Yes
Easy To Clean?Yes
DeviceGLO Series 2 Mini
Release Date2018
ManufacturerBritish American Tobacco/Reynolds American
Location of ManufacturerMultinational
Year in Business1902
Manufacturer WebsiteOfficial BAT website or search for your regional GLO website
Impression of Manufacturer's WebsiteExcellent
Where to BuyOnline and retail locations
Manufacturer Contact InformationVaries on region

Global Directory: Here
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling toCanada, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Japan, South Korea
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale toUSA
Shipping and delivery timeVaries based on region
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer OffersGLO (original), GLO Series 2, GLO Series 2 Mini
Manufacturer WebsiteVaries on region

Info about GLO: Here
Where to Buy GLO Mini and other GLO devices?Varies on region

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  1. George from the heat180 community

    If you smoke 15 heatsticks a day or less this is a great device. Remember you need to use the Glo’s NeoSticks with the Glo mini.

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