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The Basics About This Device

It’s time to look beyond IQOS. While the brand, owned by tobacco giant Philip Morris, is one of the most popular Heat-Not-Burn manufactures, there are other options and GLO is a great one! Designed by British American Tobacco (BAT), GLO was the first device to really challenge IQOS as a competitor. Many of the aspects that IQOS struggled with, such as charging time, consecutive use, even heating, and cleaning, GLO conquers.

GLO is an integrated device, meaning that the HeatSticks holder and charger are built into one device that is rectangular in shape with a slightly slanted top. GLO is 86mm in height, 44mm in width, and 22mm in depth, and made of out aluminum, making it a somewhat bulkier device, however it only weighs 101 grams (about 1/5 pound) so its easy to carry. Aesthetically GLO is very simple and discrete, making it perfect for professional environments. If desired, there are more modern and chic design options available with GLO Luxury Edition and GLO Elements Limited Edition. For the regular edition the only design on the device, apart from the logo, is the power button that is shaped like a circle, and four LED lights that form a ring around the button. These lights indicate both the device charge level and the HeatStick heating status.

Instead of having a heating blade, GLO heats with a two-body heating chamber that surrounds the HeatStick but does not pierce the tobacco. BAT claims that this provides more even heating which makes for a more satisfying user experience and less grime build-up within the device. GLO heats to approximately 240° C.

Product Unboxing and First Use

Inside the GLO kit you will find the device, a USB cable, and a cleaning tool. It is important to note that a USB adapter is not included in the GLO kit.

To use GLO, pull back on the slide top so that the HeatStick heating chamber is visible. Gently insert a HeatStick into the heating chamber until the coloured line on the HeatStick is touching the device. Since there is no blade in GLO, if the HeatStick does get stuck before being fully inserted, give it a light push. It won’t damage the device. Once the HeatStick is inserted, push and hold the power button until the device vibrates. When it does, you can let go as the device is now heating. It will take approximately 40 seconds for the device to heat completely. You can check how far the device is in the heating process by looking at the ring of four LED lights around the power button. The closer it gets to reaching 240° C, the more lights will blink and then turn solid. When the device is fully heated, the LED ring will be lit completely with solid lights and the device will vibrate. It is now ready for use.

A cycle lasts for 3.5 minutes. While the timing is shorting than some brands, the advantage with GLO is that the device can be used for 30 cycles before needing to be charged. If 3.5 minutes isn’t enough time, simply all the device to power off completely then restart the heating process again by pressing and holding the power button until you feel the vibration.

A unique feature with GLO is that you can stop the cycle at any point by holding down on the power button until the device vibrates. This is ideal for individuals who use the device in at work or in spaces where they could potentially be interrupted. Unfortunately, the cycle cannot be paused and so after stopping a cycle, the user must begin a new one and wait for the device to re-heat.

Testing – Day To Day Use

One of the biggest compliments our test users gave GLO was its convenience. Since it has a long-lasting charge, most users were able to go all day before needing to charge. We recommend that you charge the device overnight so that it will be ready in the morning. This way, you won’t be inconvenienced by having to wait for it to charge in the middle of the day. The time it takes to fully charge the device is between 2 and 4 hours. Only use the GLO USB cable provided in the kit to avoid damage and preferably charge the device with a low-voltage circuit.

We here at Heat180 were also pleasantly surprised to find that the average lifespan of a GLO device is more than one year, if properly taken care of. Compared to some brands, GLO is less timely in maintenance, so discovering that it had a long lifespan was great.

The GLO device does not need to be cleaned as often as some Heat-Not-Burn devices do, since it does not have a heating blade, still though BAT recommends cleaning after every 20 cycles. The GLO cleaning process is simple. Located at the bottom of the device, near the USB connector port, there is a cover with small holes in it. Pull the cover back to reveal the other end of the heating chamber. Insert the cleaning tool that was provided into the heating chamber and gently turn it until the device feels/looks clean. The cleaning tool can also be inserted from the same end of the heating chamber that HeatSticks are inserted from. The GLO device is sturdier than other brands so it is less easy to break, nevertheless always use the proper GLO tool to clean and try to be gentle. If cleaning directly after use, make sure that the device has had at least 5 minutes to cool before inserting the cleaning tool.

First Time Switching to GLO

In an effort to provide the most unbiased review possible, we consulted test subjects who were asked to switch from traditional cigarettes to the GLO device for a two week period.

A common remark among our test subjects was that GLO provided the closest sensation of traditional cigarette smoking out of all the Heat-Not-Burn devices we tested. Most found that the air intake was better than other brands in the sense that when the users inhaled there was less air and more concentrated vapor. This made the device more satisfying. One test subject felt oppositely and commented that he would have liked for the device to heat to a higher temperature as he believed it would give him a stronger tobacco taste, but all other users were satisfied. Most liked the range of flavors GLO has. We were told that the aroma is closer to the taste of regular tobacco than other brands’ flavors. Like other Heat-Not-Burn products, GLO doesn’t create a strong lingering tobacco smell and the user’s fingers won’t turn yellow, which our test subjects appreciated.

GLO is easy to use since all of the device’s functions are connected to the one power button. This makes it a fantastic choice for people who are new to Heat-Not-Burn devices, more used to vapes, are switching from traditional cigarettes and not yet totally comfortable with e-technology, and/or just wants a straightforward and dependable device.

Investing in GLO

GLO devices come in a range of prices for every budget. The basic GLO kit retails for approximately $40USD. This kit includes the device, USB cable, and cleaning tool. GLO also offers bundles that include the device kit and 100 NeoSticks in the flavor of your choice for approximately $60USD. If you are new to Heat-Not-Burn GLO is a great investment as it is less expensive than some of the other brands available on the market. If you simply wish to try, then discover that you don’t like it, it’s not a massive financial loss.

For individuals who have tried and liked HnB, there are options to upgrade to fancier devices like GLO Luxury Edition or GLO Elements Limited Edition, which both retail for approximately $85USD. Unfortunately, these devices are not offered in a bundle.

GLO does offer a 2-device bundle for $70USD, which is $10USD less than what you would pay if you bought the devices separately. For some brands we recommend having two devices so that you can cut down on wait time while a device is charging, but since the GLO’s charge normally lasts the whole day it’s not necessary. The benefit of having two devices is that you could use one for home and one on the go, like at work or in your car. We recommend browsing through GLO’s website and seeing what best fits your needs.

GLO HeatSticks (NeoStiks) Overview

GLO’s brand of HeatSticks are called Neo or NeoStiks. NeoStiks are specifically designed for GLO products. They look a bit like a traditional cigarette but are much thinner. NeoStiks can burn if lit but will usually only last for a few puffs before extinguishing. The ingredient list for NeoStics does not appear to be public nor does the percentage of nicotine in each stick. NeoStiks are compatible with all GLO devices and come in several flavors. For more a full listing of NeoStik flavors click here.

Follow the directions above (under ‘Product Unboxing and First Use’) when inserting a NeoStick and try to insert without twisting. When removing the NeoStick after use, pull it directly up. Since the heating occurs around the outside of the NeoStick the wrapper will have quite alot of discoloration. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

GLO Manual


GLO currently does not provide manufacturer warranties. The kit will come with a warranty card but only covers products that are damaged or defective upon arrival. GLO’s official website states that any damaged or defective devices will be exchanged so long as the company is informed within a “reasonable time after purchase.” The timeline is not specified for products purchased in store, but online purchases are given a one-year extended warranty. Any devices that are damaged or defective must be shipped back to GLO. GLO will cover the cost of shipping unless the items are not covered by the warranty. If the device was bought in-store the user must register the device online, if it was bought online it is already registered.

If a device does not meet these conditions, it will not be covered under the warranty. However keep in mind that if you are having troubles with your device, you can always reach out to GLO’s support team and see what options are available to you.

If you feel you can add anything to this review, please feel free to comment and rate the device!

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  1. George from the heat180 community

    This is a great device, I just still don’t understand why Glo is not the leader in the Heat-not-Burn marketplace.

  2. Calvin

    Bought this last year and havn’t had any problems with it. Good hit and battery lasts all day. Just wish it was smaller.

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