Review – IQOS 3 DUO

WOULD WE RECOMMEND? This is it, everybody! This is the IQOS device! IQOS 3 DUO is the new and improved...


Review – GLO Nano

GLO Nano is new and flashy and looks completely unlike any GLO devices that came before it. But is it good enough that we recommend it? Unfortunately, no.


Review – GLO Pro

When we heard GLO was releasing two new devices, GLO Pro and GLO Nano, we were so excited, as GLO’s devices have always impressed us before. But does GLO miss the mark with this one?


Review – QOQ Honor Max

WOULD WE RECOMMEND? Honor Max is without a doubt the best device QOQ has ever released! This device has it...


IQOS in America: Will it Work?

I was hopeful that maybe, just maybe, IQOS would become the next big thing in the US, but with that one-year mark quickly approaching I’m coming to accept what I feared would happen all along; IQOS would fail in the American market. It was inevitable.


Review – Pluscig V10

Plsucig V10 is the ultimate simple device. For more advanced or frequent users, this probably won’t be satisfying, but if simple is what you want, it doesn’t get any more than this.


Review – Vapesoon LTN Box

WOULD WE RECOMMEND? Vapesoon LTN Box is a very basic device – it’s not flashy or chic and it doesn’t...


Best HeatSticks

Here’s our list of the best HeatStick Flavors for IQOS and GLO!


Review – MySmok Ismod II Plus

To rate this product and share your opinion of it, click on the ‘Review’ tab above Note to Reader: We...