HNBC Automatic Cleaner

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Price Contact manufacturer for details
Compatible With IQOS, Lil, JOUZ, and most others
Components Device
Brush cover for holders
Brush cover for heating chambers
Hard Brush
Soft Brush
Features Two speed settings; low or high
Charging Time 31 minutes
Warranty 6 months
Colors Black and white, new colors launching soon


This is a great device for anyone who is frequently on-the-go or if you, like me, find it a pain to clean your HnB device.

The HNBC cleaner is recommended for IQOS, Lil, and JOUZ products, but we found that this worked on most devices. It’s easy to use, cleans quickly, comes with all the accessories you need, and offers two power modes. Investing in a HNBC cleaner is saves you time and hassle. Definitely worth it!

COMPONENTS: Hard brush (to remove stuck-on grime), soft brush (to polish), full brush cover (for IQOS 2.4, 3.0, 3 DUO, and JOUZ devices), partial brush cover (for IQOS 3.0 Multi, and Lil devices).

FEATURES: 2 temperature settings; low or high.

QUALITY: Lightweight, slim, and sturdy. This device works well and is convenient.

DESIGN: Very nice. Simple but sophisticated, the design compliments high end devices like IQOS, Lil, and JOUZ.





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Keep scrolling for detailed instructions, specs, manual, warranty, videos, and more.


n your HNBC cleaner kit you will get; the cleaner device, a manual, a warranty card, a USB cable, a full brush cover, a partial brush cover, a hard bristle brush, and a soft bristle brush.

Your HNBC cleaner has 3 components; the main body of the device, the brush cover, and the brush.

  • Main body: holds the battery.
  • Brush covers: attach to the main body of the cleaner device. They help stabilize it while cleaning. The full cover is used with IQOS 2.4, IQOS 3.0, IQOS 3 DUO, and JOUZ. The partial cover is used with IQOS 3.0 Multi or Lil Plus.*
  • Brushes: used to clean the blade. The hard brush is to remove stuck-on grime. The soft brush is to polish. You can easily interchange these. They remove if you pull on them gently and they lock back into place magnetically.

You can assemble these components in whatever way you wish to meet your cleaning needs, however it is recommended that you use the hard brush first, then the soft brush.

*NOTE: The manufacturer only guarantees that their device works with IQOS, Lil, and JOUZ however we have used with other brands as well and have had no issues. HNBC promises that their device has been tested over 5000 times to ensure that is it of the highest quality.


Now that you’ve got your HNBC device assembled so that it will work with your HnB device, let’s get into how to use it.

  1. Remove the cap
  2. Lock your hard brush into place
  3. Lock your chosen brush cover into place
  4. Lower your HNBC cleaner into your device heating chamber
  5. Press and hold either the high or low speed button
  6. Keep pressing the button for 5-10 seconds or until your device is clean
  7. Gently lift the cleaner out of your device’s heating chamber
  8. Switch the hard brush for the soft brush – you can spray the soft brush with an alcohol based cleaning solution for an even better clean
  9. Lower your HNBC cleaner into your device heating chamber again
  10. Press either the high or low speed button
  11. Hold for 5-10 seconds or until your device is clean
  12. Gently lift the cleaner out of your device’s heating chamber
  13. If you used a cleaning solution, wait for your device to dry completely before using again
  14. Put the cap back on your HNBC cleaner and you’re all done!

The brushes will get dirty over time. Since they are detachable you can simply take them out of the cleaner device and wash them in a small dish with soap and warm water. Make sure that they are completely dry before putting them back into the cleaning device.

If your brushes start to look a bit sad, even with regular cleanings, you can purchase replacements from the manufacturer.

With HNBC you are able to see the device’s charge. Just check the number of LED lights that are lit. 3 lights means 100-75% charge remaining, 2 lights mans 75-50%, 1 lights is 50-25%, and when the lights begin flashing it means that your cleaning device needs to be charged immediately. To do so, just connect it to a power source via the USB cable.

HNBC Manual

HNBC Manual PDF Download


Excellent Enterprise Certificate

PDF Download

TCT Certificate of Compliance (12/19)

PDF Download

Registration of Broadcasting and Communication Equipments

PDF Download


Diameters 107 x 22mm
Weight 36g
Weight with Packaging 127g
Material Main body: ABS
Brush cover: PP
Hard brush: nylon
Soft brush: polyester
Battery Type Li-ion 300mAh
Power Input USB-C cable
Charging Time 31 minutes
Compatible With IQOS, Lil, JOUZ, and most others
Can Replacement Brushes be Purchased Separately Yes
Colors Available Black and white, new colors launching soon


Manufacturer H.N.B.C. Co., Ltd.
Location of Manufacturer Incheon, South Korea & Shenzhen, China
Year in Business 2018
Product Launch Year 2019
Manufacturer Website Here
Impression of Manufacturer’s Website Simple but informative, great visual aids
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer Offers HNBC


Where to Buy Here
Regions HNBC Ship to All countries where Heat-not-Burn is allowed (click here to check your country)
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling to South Korea
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale to “We are actively looking for distributors and wholesalers in each market, welcome partners”
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer Service Name: Quentina
Phone: +86-13652257405
Manufacturer Contact Information for Wholesalers Name: Quentina
Phone: +86-13652257405


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