As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of product promotion and visibility. Getting your product out on to the internet will drive traffic and give you sales. Our job is to get your product seen by as many potential customers as possible.

Also, please remember if your device or product gets reviewed by us, you will automatically get a Badge or recognition from Heat180, if your device or product is outstanding in some way, you will win an award.  Please click here for more information:

Mail us your new product as soon as possible.  You can also send us products before the release date. This can build momentum and interest before your product is available online.

Heat180 will create content and take all photos and (optional) YouTube videos. In addition, products that have been tested by us will be given a special badge to let our readers know that it was tested.

Please follow instructions

  1. Please protect the product box so it will look perfect when we take photos of it.
  2. You can use tracking but please don’t request a signature at delivery.
  3. Address to send it to:

57 Westchester Drive
London, Ontario, Canada


Click here to learn about our Award & Badge Program



Why should I get my product reviewed on your website?

The best way to sell a product is by a recommendation. When we need something we usually will ask our friends for recommendations. The second best option is a recommendation from a website not affiliated with the manufacturer. Arm’s length recommendations are a powerful way to drive sales.

How quickly do you get a review up? 

We try to be as fast as possible. If we don’t have a backlog of work it can take us as little as 7 days from the date at which we receive either your information or the physical device. But again we are a small team, so once or twice a year it can take weeks to get content up.

How many views will I get on my review?

It depends on a few factors:

  1. How big is your brand name
  2. How much info did you send us
  3. Did we give you a good rating? Did we give you an award? Are you in the top tier?

As of 2020 top pages would get 4000 views per month and on average we see 500-750 unique views per month for a review. Please note, as the product gets older the views go down. This is growing every month so we will update this when we see a new jump in traffic. Please note all our traffic is organic and this does not take into account views from our YouTube channel, which is very important because in most cases videos are more convincing to potential customers.


Can I pay you for a review? 

No, to make Heat180 into an industry leader we must maintain complete trust with our users by remaining independent. This will ensure you get more people reading your product reviews.

You can, however, visit our Service page to explore other options we can offer to boost sales.

Do you send back the devices we send you? 

Simply send us a return paid envelope and we will send back your device otherwise we give the devices for free to Heat180 users once we are done with them.

I got an award from Heat180, what do I do with it? 

If you got an award from us, we will post this on your device review page. This will boost your chances of selling more devices. You can also post this on your website, Alibaba page, you can also use this as an incentive marker your distributors can use on their website or webpage. Please see our Heat180 award

How do you guys make money, why are you doing this? 

The founder loves this product. It really changed his life and moved him away from traditional cigarettes. We are simply a review website. We make an income by advertising, affiliate links, and paid consultations.