You’ve won an award from Heat180! Well done, great job! Now you can share this award with all your potential customers and suppliers. This is a powerful way to let others know that a third party organization recognizes your achievement. 

If, however, you’re looking to get an award from Heat180, you need to get your product reviewed by us first. Click here to find out how you can send us your product, so we can get that review up soon. Also, if you never heard of us until today, you can click here for our About Us page.

Now, remember, all manufacturers get a badge if they just have their product reviewed by us. Put it on your website and share it with your suppliers. This builds trust with your customers.


What is the difference between a badge and an award 

The badge is a recognition that your product has been tested and reviewed by Heat180

An award is a recognition of excellence in a particular area. Meaning that your product is one of the best of the best in that area of excellence.

Where can I use this badge/award?

You can use a badge or an award next to the item of recognition. Exceptions are if your award has your device’s name and model number on it, then you can use it anywhere on your website.

Badges must link back to the review in question on Heat180’s website.

Where can I get the files for this badge? 

All award and badge winners will get an email with the image file and instruction. If you did not receive this we apologize, please email us directly at

Do I have to link back to Heat180? 

No, award winners do not link back to your product’s review page on Badge, do have to link back.

Can I alter the image? 

No, please read our terms of service.

Can I lose my award? 

Yes, unfortunately, we can ask you to return the badge for any reason. You should not be too concerned about this. We can foresee us taking back an award or badge if 1) the device or product is hurting the consumer, or 2) if customer service or deliver or product is really bad and clients are always complaining.

Can I put this award or badge on Social Media? 

Yes, enjoy, let the world know how great you are.

Can I put this award on my packaging? 

Please speak to us first.

Can I put this on a brochure? 

Please speak to us first.

Can I buy a badge or award?