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GREAT Heat180
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Price $85USD
HeatStick Type Cigarettes
What’s Included in the Kit Device
USB Cable
Cleaning Brush.
Number of Consecutive Uses 20
Type of Blade N/A
Cycle Length 4 minutes
Charging Time 2 hours, 30 minutes
Features Temperature adjustment
Warranty 12 months manufacturer warranty, 3 month warranty for superficial damage
Colors Black, champagne



UWOO YOWO is a 👏 game 👏 changer 👏! UWOO YOWO is unlike anything we’ve ever reviewed before, because it works with traditional cigarettes rather than HeatSticks. Now you may be thinking ‘isn’t that just smoking then?’ Not at all! UWOO YOWO is still a Heat-not-Burn device, as it only heats the cigarette – it doesn’t burn it. The design of the device also separates the tobacco plug from the cigarette filter meaning that you are inhaling highly filtered nicotine vapors, rather than concentrated smoke. The focus here is harm reduction, by reducing the amount of chemicals that are emitted from the cigarette while still providing that familiar flavor of cigarettes.

We highly recommend this device to anyone who wants to quit but has not yet been successful or to anyone who doesn’t want to quit but doesn’t want to risk their health. Just great!

FEATURES: Temperature adjustment.

QUALITY: Very good.

DESIGN: This design is really good. It is a bit boxy, but it’s understated enough. It’s a bit reminiscent of GLO products’ design.


When you shop the manufacturer’s website, you can use the code ‘HEAT180’ and you will get an additional 10% off of your purchase!







In your UWOO YOWO kit you will find; the device, the manual, a USB cable, and a cleaning brush.

Now before using your UWOO YOWO device you’ll want to check the battery status. To do so just click the control button once. The number of lights that light up will show you the level of charge remaining. 4 lights means more than 75% charge remaining, 3 lights means 75%-50%, 2 lights is 50%-25%, and 1 light means less than 25%. If your device has less than 75% charge, we recommend charging before use. Charging takes approximately 2.5 hours.


Now that your UWOO YOWO device is charged, you can begin using it. Here’s how;


  1. Set temperature
    • To set, press and hold control button for 8 seconds, device will vibrate once, keep holding, device will vibrate again and lights will flash, click control button once until set to desired temperature, wait and temperature will set
    •  5 settings (the higher the setting number, the more intesnse)
      • 1 = light number 1 flashes 3 times
      • 2 = light number 2 flashes 3 times
      • 3 = light number 3 flashes 3 times
      • 4 = light number 4 flashes 3 times
      • 5 = lights number 1 and 2 flash 3 times
  2.  Get a cigarette
    • Needs to be 7.8mm in diameter (this is most standard cigarettes (i.e. Marlboro))
  3. Break the filter off of the tobacco plug
  4. Put the filter in the top part of the heating chamber (the part that sticks out at the top)
  5. Open the door on the bottom of the device
  6. Put the tobacco plug in the bottom part of the heating chamber (inside the device) and close the door
  7. Press and hold control button to turn on
  8. When heating begins device will vibrate and lights turn on one-by-one
    • heating takes approximately 1 minute
  9. When heated, device will vibrate and all lights are on
    • cycle lasts 4 minutes
  10. Before cycle ends, warning vibration and 1 light flashes
  11. When cycle ends, 2 more vibrations and lights turn off
  12. Remove filter from top part
  13. Open door and remove tobacco plug from bottom part

To keep the device working well make sure you clean it regularly.  The manufacturer recommends cleaning every 5 HeatSticks. To clean just open both the top and bottom doors, insert the cleaning brush and gently wipe away any grime.


The UWOO YOWO device works with any cigarette that is 7.8mm in diameter. For example, Marlboro, Winston, Camel, etc.


UWOO YOWO Manual PDF Download


The UWOO YOWO kit includes a 12 month warranty that covers all manufacturers defects. It also includes a 3 month warranty that covers superficial damage.


Kit Price $85USD
Diameters 104 x 46 x 24mm
Weight 110g
Weight with Packaging Unknown
Material Alloy
Battery Type Li-On 3000 mAh
Power Input Type-C USB Cable
Maximum Blade Temperature 310°C/ 590°F
Charging Time 2 hours, 30 minutes
Time it Takes for Device to Heat 1 minute
Length of Cycle 4 minutes
Number of Consecutive Uses 20
Features Temperature adjustment
HeatSticks Any cigarette that’s 7.8mm in diameter
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased Separately No
Colors Available Black, champagne
Comparable To IUOC 4.0


Shenzhen Yunxi Technology Co. Ltd.
Location of Manufacturer
Shenzhen, China
Years in Business
Product Launch Year
Manufacturer Website
Impression of Manufacturer’s Website
Easy to navigate, professional, transparent
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer Offers


Where to Buy
Regions UWOO ships to
All countries where Heat-not-Burn is allowed (click here to check your country)
Regions the Manufacturer is Wholesaling to
Japan, South Korea, Russia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hungary, Poland, etc.
Regions the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale to
Canada, USA, would like to expand in Russia
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer Service
Manufacturer Contact Information for Wholesalers
Whatsapp: +86-13066900300
Manual Languages
Shipping and Delivery Time
Varies based on region

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