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Bottom Line Statement

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The Basics About This Device

We’ve reached the era of meta Heat-Not-Burn manufacturing. Originally, when smaller HnB manufacturers started popping up, they often created similar, but cheaper alternatives of products belonging to big tobacco brands, like IQOS and GLO. Now, we are seeing smaller manufacturers creating devices that almost copy other small manufacturer devices.

As you know, HiTaste P5 is one of the most popular big tobacco brand alternatives on the market. What is really impressive about it, is that the design is completely unlike anything that a big tobacco brand has put out, as it has numerous unique features. Due to it’s popularity there are now very similar alternatives to HiTaste P5 available for purchase. Yetr Amus S6 is one of those alternatives.

Overall, Yetr Amus S6 and HiTaste P5 are almost identical. They are both integrated, multi-use devices. They have the same features (self-cleaning, temperature adjustment, length of cycle adjustment, usage record, digital display screen, etc.) and they operate the same way. The prices also, are almost exactly the same with S6 retailing for about $42USD and P5 for $40USD. The only big difference is that Yetr Amus S6 charges almost an hour faster than HiTaste P5.

Now you might be thinking, ‘why bother choosing the alternative device, when they are almost exactly the same?’ Any number of reasons. For some people, the charging time may be a big draw, for others they may purchase it without even knowing there’s a difference, and for some, it’ll be personal preference. Even though Yetr Amus seems, if we’re being honest, a bit like a knock-off, it works well and is of high quality. It’s in no way a bad thing to have another device resembling HiTaste P5 on the market. Instead, it’s quite beneficial as it proves that the original HiTaste design was well-liked by users and in demand enough that a knock-off of it could even sell. This helps to refine the market, and will hopefully lead to improvements on the original design, as well as inspire new HnB device designs and features.

So give Yetr Amus S6 a chance. We think it’s a solid device, just like P5 is.

Available in 4 colors; black, white, red, and blue.

Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 15, but our test users got 13 HeatSticks
Charging Time1 hour, 2 minutes
Life Expectancy1 year
ColorsBlack, white, red, blue

Product Unboxing & First Use


In your kit you will find the S6 device, the manual, a USB cable, and a cleaning brush.

As always, we’re going to start by checking the device’s charge. To do this, click on the control button once. This will activate the digital display screen, which will show a small battery icon. The number of bars left in the icon represents how much power is remaining.


Once your device is fully charged, you can set the desired temperature and length of cycle. To change the temperature that your device will run at, click the up and down buttons. The temperature on the screen will change with your clicks and will set as soon as you stop clicking. On the device the temperature ranges from 300°C/ 572°F to 330°C/626°F. To change the length of cycle, click the control button 5 times in rapid succession. If done correctly, box will appear around the time (located in the bottom right-hand corner of the digital screen) and the numbers within the box will be flashing. Use the up and down arrows again to choose your time. You can choose 3.5 to 5 minutes. When you’ve got the desired time, simply stop clicking and wait until the numbers stop flashing, indicating that they are reset.

Now your device is ready to use! Insert your HeatStick into the HeatStick heating chamber, then, press the control button so that the digital display screen turns on, if it’s not already. Now, press and hold the control button to begin the heating process. When the device starts heating it will vibrate and the temperature on the screen will rise. Heating time will take approximately 20 seconds, depending on what temperature your device is set at. Once it’s reached the desired temp. the device will vibrate for a second time to indicate that you may now begin using it. The device will stay on for however long you set it, but will give you a warning vibration 15 seconds before shutting off. The display screen will also show a countdown from 15 seconds. When the cycle is over, the device will vibrate one last time and the screen will display ‘OVER’ for a few seconds before returning to the main activation screen.

Since the device is multi-use, you can use it again. Unlike HiTaste P5, you seldom have to wait for the device to cool before starting another cycle. If you do not need any more cycles, then just lift the cap up to remove the HeatStick.

Day to Day Use

As with all HnB devices, it is recommended that you clean regularly to prevent build-up which could affect device performance. Since S6 has a self-cleaning function, we recommend that you use it daily and clean the device manually once per week, depending on your HeatStick usage.

To use the build-in mechanism, press the control button 7 times in rapid succession. Once cleaning is activated the device will vibrate and the screen will display ‘CLEAN’. The cleaning process will take approximately 48 seconds in total. When it is over the screen will return to the normal activation screen.


To manually clean the device, remove the cap and gently clean around the blade with a cleaning brush to loosen any built-up grime. This is one aspect where Yetr Amus has HiTaste beat as HiTaste does not include any cleaning tools in their kit. They are, so far, the only brand we’ve seen do that. We’re glad that the S6 kit provides a cleaning brush.

One of the final things you’ll need to know for day-to-day usage of Yetr Amus S6 is how to operate the usage record. The usage record shows how many HeatSticks you have used. This is a great feature for anyone who likes keeping track! We recommend clearing usage record in set intervals, either at the end of each day or at the end of each week. To clear the usage record, click the control button 5 times in rapid succession, just like as if you were going to change the length of cycle. The length of cycle numbers will begin flashing. When they do, click the control button 5 more times in rapid succession and the usage record will begin flashing. To clear, click any other button and it will go back to ‘0.’ Then just wait for the numbers to stop flashing, and its set!

How To Turn ON/OffPress and hold control button until device vibrates
and the temperature displayed on screen begins to increase
Temperature Adjustment?Yes - press up/down buttons
Heating Time?Depends on set temperature, approximately 20 seconds
Indication that the Heating Process has StartedVibration and temperature numbers on display screen increase until they reach the set temperature
Indication that Device is Ready to UseVibration
Length of Cycle3 - 5 minutes
Indication that Device is Powering OffVibration and 'OVER' shown on display screen
How to Shut Off DevicePress and hold control button until device vibrates and 'OVER' shown
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 15, but our test users got 13 HeatSticks
How to Check Battery StatusClick the control button once
Locking featureNo
Locking feature indicationN/A
Indicate when Device Needs Cleaning?No
How Often Should You Clean the Device?Daily
Self-Cleaning FunctionYes - click control button 7 times until 'CLEAN' shown on screen
Length of Self-Cleaning48 seconds
How to Manually Clean DeviceSee section titled 'Day to Day Use'
TroubleshootingSee 'Yetr Amus S6 Manual' button below

Investing in a Yetr Amus Device

As we said above this device is a solid alternative to HiTaste P5 and a great design option for anyone who is interested in a high-quality HnB device from small manufacturers. Even though HiTaste P5 remains the #1 customer rated alternative to big tobacco brands, Yetr Amus S6 is very similar and can, for most people, offer the same level of satisfaction. Currently, it holds a 5 star rating on AliExpress.


Much like with HiTaste P5, some of our test users felt that there were alot of controls to remember (e.g. press the control button 5 times to change length of cycle, 8 times to clean, 3 times and hold to start heating, etc.). Therefore, we recommend this device to experienced HnB users or anyone who wants to upgrade to a more technologically advanced device.

Overall though, the device is good.

One downside to Yetr Amus is the company itself. Unlike HiTaste, which is well established and easy to contact, there is hardly any information about Yetr Amus. This means that if you do have difficulties with the device, you’re most likely on your own. Luckily, most users do not report any issues.

HeatSticks Overview

The Yetr Amus brand does not product their own HeatSticks. Instead, their devices are designed to work with other branded HeatSticks, such as HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS HeatSticks.



So far as we know, the Yetr Amus S6 kit does not include a warranty.

DeviceYetr Amus S6
Kit Price$42USD
Diameters102 x 25 x 20 mm
Weight with Packaging204g
Battery Type900 mAh
Power InputUSB Cable
Charging Time1 hour, 2 minutes
Time it Takes for Device to HeatDepends on temperature set, but approximately 20 seconds
Maximum Blade Temperature159° C/ 318°F
Temperature AdjustmentYes
How Many Cycles Before Device Needs ChargingNo
How Long Does a Cycle Last3 - 5 minutes
HeatSticksHEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Built-In Cleaning MechanismYes
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased SeparatelyNo
Colors AvailableBlack, white, blue, red
Comparable ToHiTaste P5, IQOS 3.0 Multi
In the KitDevice
USB Cable
Cleaning Brush
Manual LanguagesZHO, EN, KO, JA, RU
Warranty TermsNone
How Does It Look?Very similar to HiTaste P5, but shorter
How Does It Feel?Lightweight and compact
Easy To Use?Somewhat, but we recommend this
device to experienced HnB users
Easy To Clean?Yes
DeviceYetr Amus S6
Release DateUnknown
Location of ManufacturerShenzhen, China
Year in BusinessUnknown
Manufacturer WebsiteN/A
Impression of Manufacturer's WebsiteN/A
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer ServiceUnknown
Manufacturer Contact Information for WholesalersN/A
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling toUnknown
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale toUnknown
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer OffersUnknown
Where to BuyOnline
Where to Buy Yetr Amus S6 and other Yetr Amus devices?AliExpress
Shipping and delivery timeVaries based on region

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1 review for Review – Yetr Amus S6

  1. George from the heat180 community

    Good dupe for Hitaste. Same price, charges faster, but only supports 13 uses instead of the 16 you get with Hitaste. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for as to which device youd like more. I still like Hitaste, but don’t mind this one as a backup.

    Review - Yetr Amus S6
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