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Plsucig V10 is the ultimate simple device. For more advanced or frequent users, this probably won’t be satisfying, but if simple is what you want, it doesn’t get any more than this.


Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 10-15, but our test users got 19
Cycle Length3 minutes, 33 seconds
Charging Time1 hours, 42 minutes
Life Expectancy1 year
WarrantyYes - terms unknown
ColorsBlack, white, pink, blue


Plsucig V10 is the ultimate simple device. Literally all you have to do is switch on/switch off. For more advanced or frequent users, this probably won’t be satisfying, but if simple is what you want, it doesn’t get any more than this. At $32USD, it’s worth trying if you think you might like it.

FEATURES: Like we said, you turn this device on, then your turn it off. There is no locking feature, no temperature adjustment, no self-cleaning.

MAINTENANCE: V10 seems quite durable. It’s heavier than what you’d expect, but feels comfortable to hold. It does get quite hot to the touch after 2 or 3 consecutive uses.

DESIGN: Kind of like a vape pen style. Very minimalist, but still a nice design.


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In your Pluscig V10 kit you will find; the device, the manual, a Quality Control card, a USB cable, and cleaning sticks, and a pack of little round circles.

We’ve talked about these circles in our last Pluscig review. We don’t know what they are or what their purpose is. There is nothing in the manual explaining them and, in fact, the manual doesn’t even list them as an item that should be in the kit. Curious! Let us know if you have an idea of what these are for in the ‘Review’ section above.

Now normally, we recommend that after unboxing and before using the device you check the charge, but V10 is so simple, they’res no way to do that. You’ll know when the device runs out of charge when the LED indicator light turns red.

This is one feature we absolutely hate about V10. When I’m using a device I want to have at least a general idea about how much battery is left at any given time. Otherwise I feel like I have to carry the USB cable around with me, just in case the battery runs out. Because of this we recommend that you do your best to charge daily. At least charging only takes 1 hour, 42 minutes.

To charge just connect the device to a power source via the USB cable. When the device is charging the LED indicator light will be blue, when charging is done the light will automatically turn off.

Now you can use the device. To do this just flip the control switch from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON.’ The device will vibrate and the LED indicator light will flash as V10 heats. Heating takes approximately 4 seconds. The device will vibrate again once heating is done and the LED indicator light will turn solid.

The cycle lasts for approximately 3 minutes, 33 seconds. When the cycle is over the device will vibrate and the LED light will turn off. Gently pull the HeatStick out of the HeatStick heating chamber.

Since V10 is a multi-use device, you can put in a new HeatStick and begin another cycle immediately. Keep in mind the device does get hot to the touch after a few continuous cycles.

When a cycle ends the control switch will still be at ‘ON.’ We actually recommend keeping it their until your next use. If you immediately switch it back to the ‘OFF’ position, it could very easily be pushed up to ‘ON’ again without you knowing. For instance, if you throw it in your bag or your desk drawer, it could brush against something and turn on. #1 this isn’t safe and #2 it uses up your battery power. If you keep the control switch in the ‘ON’ position after using it would have to accidentally be pushed to ‘OFF’ then back to ‘ON.’ It could potentially still brush up against something and turn on, but I think this reduces the risk a bit.

Make sure to clean your device once per week or so, depending on how often you use V10, so that it stays clean and healthy. To clean, insert the cleaning sticks into the HeatStick heating chamber and wipe away any residue. Make sure to wait until the device is cool.

How To Turn ONFlip control switch from 'OFF' to 'ON'
Temperature Adjustment?No
Heating Time?Approx. 4 seconds
Indication that the Heating Process has StartedVibrate and LED flash
Indication that Device is Ready to UseVibrate and LED solid
Length of CycleApprox. 3 minutes, 33 seconds
Indication that Device is Powering OffVibrate and LED off
How to Shut Off DeviceFlip control switch from 'ON' to 'OFF'
Number of Cycles (aka number of HeatSticks before needing to recharge device)Officially 10-15, but our test users got 19
How to Check Battery StatusCannot
Locking featureNo
Locking feature indicationN/A
Indicate when Device Needs Cleaning?No
How Often Should You Clean the Device?Once per week at least
Self-Cleaning FunctionNo
Length of Self-CleaningN/A
How to Manually Clean DeviceGently insert cleaning sticks into HeatSticks heating chamber, wipe away grime and residue
TroubleshootingSee 'Pluscig V10 Manual' button below


The Pluscig brand does not product their own HeatSticks. Instead, their devices are designed to work with other branded HeatSticks, such as HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS.



There is a warranty mentioned in the V10 Manual but the terms are unknown. Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Kit Price$32USD
Diameters117mm x 46mm circumference
Weight with Packaging135g
Battery TypeLi-ion 650/900mAh
Power InputUSB cable
Charging Time1 hour, 42 minutes
Time it Takes for Device to HeatApprox. 4 seconds
Maximum Blade Temperature197°C/ 387°F
Temperature AdjustmentNo
How Many Cycles Before Device Needs ChargingOfficially 10-15, but our test users got 19
How Long Does a Cycle LastApprox. 3 minutes, 33 seconds
HeatSticksHEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Built-In Cleaning MechanismNo
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased SeparatelyNo
Colors AvailableBlack, white, pink, blue
Comparable ToKamry GXG Push
In the KitDevice
Quality Control Card
USB Card
Cleaning Stick
Little Paper Circles
Manual LanguagesEN, JA, KO, ZHO
Warranty TermsYes - terms unknown
How Does It Look?Minimalistis
How Does It Feel?Heavier than expected, but durable
Easy To Use?Extreamly
Easy To Clean?Somewhat
Release DateUnknown
ManufacturerShenzhen Simeiyue Tech Co. Ltd.
Location of ManufacturerShenzhen, China
Year in Business2011
Manufacturer WebsiteHere
Impression of Manufacturer's WebsiteGood
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer ServicePhone: +86-755-23010212-8021

Mobile Phone: +86-135-90351256

Manufacturer Contact Information for WholesalersPhone: +86-755-23010212-8021

Mobile Phone: +86-135-90351256


Fax: +86-755-23055982
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling toUnknown
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale toUnknown
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer OffersV2, B2, B2S, V10, B3, P2, K2, P3, and P7
Where to Buy Pluscig V10 and other Pluscig products?Here


Shipping and delivery timeVaries based on region

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  1. George from the heat180 community

    Id recommend it to new users or infrequent users only. Very basic

    Review - Pluscig V10
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