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Pluscig P9

Automatic-CleaningCleaning PromptHeating Time AdjustmentHEETSLength of Use AdjustmentMarlboro for IQOSScreenTemperature AdjustmentUsage Record
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Price $65USD
HeatStick Type HEETSMarlboro for IQOS
What’s Included in the Kit Device
Quality Control Card
USB Cable
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Sticks
Number of Consecutive Uses 38-45
Type of Blade Pin-style blade
Cycle Length 3 minutes – 5 minutes
Features Screen
Locking Feature
Temperature Adjustment
Length of Use Adjustment
Heating Time Adjustment
Usage Record
Cleaning Prompt
Charging Time 1 hour
Warranty 6 month warranty
Colors Black, white, green



Pluscig P9 really wowed us with how powerful it is! This device gets between 38-45 consecutive uses, it offers a whole host of features, and to top it all off, it charges in only 1 hour! The only downside is that it is a bit heavy. Nevertheless, it’s still a great option for advanced Heat-not-Burn users that want an alternative to big tobacco devices, like IQOS and GLO. Definitely worth $65USD!

FEATURES: Screen, locking feature, temperature adjustment, length of use adjustment, heating time adjustment, usage record, automatic-cleaning, cleaning prompt. We really loved the option to set your heating time! We’ve never seen this in a Heat-not-Burn device before.

QUALITY: Seems quite sturdy. Somewhat heavy.

DESIGN: The design is a bit bulky, but it’s very aseptically pleasing. It looks somewhat expensive. We love the color range.






In your Pluscig P9 kit you will find; the device, the manual, a Quality Control Card, a USB cable, a cleaning brush, cleaning sticks, and gaskets.

Before using your Pluscig P9 device, make sure to check what percent charge it has. To do so, unlock the device by clicking the control button 3 times, then checking the battery icon on screen. If your device needs charging, just connect it to a power source via the USB cable. Charging takes only 1 hour.


Once you’ve unboxed your device, it’s time to use it. Here’s how;


  1. Unlock:
    • click the control button 3 times
  2. Set temperature:
    • click + or – buttons to change
    • you can choose anywhere between 250C°/482F° and 350C°/662F°
    • wait a moment and temp will automatically set
  3. Set length of cycle:
    • click + and – buttons at the same time
    • choose length of cycle symbol (looks like a star with 3 points)
    • click + or – buttons to choose desired length
    • you can choose anything between 180 seconds (3 minutes) and 270 seconds (4.5 minutes)
    • click control button once to set
  4. Set heating time:
    • click + and – buttons at the same time
    • choose length of cycle symbol (‘H’)
    • click + or – buttons to choose desired heating time
      • you can choose between 0, 1, 2, or 3
        • 0 = 5 seconds
        • 1 = 6-10 seconds
        • 2 = 11-15 seconds
        • 3 = 16-20 seconds
    • click control button once to set
  5. Insert the HeatStick
  6. Turn on:
    • press and hold control button
  7. Once heating starts the device will vibrate and the temperature numbers on screen will change
  8. When heating is over the device will vibrate
  9. Now you can use it
  10. When the cycle ends the device will vibrate again
  11. Remove the HeatStick
  12. Lock by clicking the control button 3 times


With this device there are a few other features that you need to know how to operate.

  1. To clear usage record:
    • click + and – buttons at the same time
    • choose length of cycle symbol (two arrows that make a square)
    • click control button once to select
  2. Self-cleaning:
    • click + and – buttons at the same time
    • choose self-clean symbol (looks like a little brush)
    • click control button once to select

Don’t forget that Pluscig P9 will automatically prompt you to clean every 5 HeatSticks. All you have to do is select ‘Y’ for yes or ‘N’ for no on the screen. This is super convenient! But don’t forget to manually clean as needed. To manually clean, wait until cool, remove the heating chamber insert, then use the brush and/or the cleaning sticks to wipe away any grime. You can also use the gaskets included in the Pluscig p9 Kit to make cleaning easier. To learn more about gaskets and how to use them, check out our gaskets info page.

With Pluscig P9 you get a whopping 38-45 consecutive uses! This is fantastic!


The Pluscig brand does not product their own HeatSticks. Instead, their devices are designed to work with other branded HeatSticks, such as HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS HeatSticks.


Pluscig P9 PDF Download


Pluscig P9 comes with a 6 month warranty. Contact manufacturer for more details.


Diameters 109 x 36 x 24mm
Weight 94g
Weight with Packaging
Material PEEK
Battery Type Li-ion 3500mAh
Power Input USB Cable
Maximum Blade Temperature 250 °C/482 °F – 350 °C/662 °F
Charging Time 1 hour
Time it Takes for Device to Heat Depends on set temperature
Length of Cycle 3 minutes – 5 minutes
Number of Consecutive Uses 38-45
Features Screen, locking feature, temperature adjustment, length of use adjustment, heating time adjustment, usage record, automatic-cleaning, cleaning prompt.
HeatSticks HEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased Separately No
Colors Available Black, white, green
Comparable To Pluscig P3, Pluscig P7


Manufacturer Shenzhen Simeiyue Tech. Co. Ltd.
Location of Manufacturer Shenzhen, China
Year in Business 2011
Product Launch Year 2020
Manufacturer Website Here
Impression of Manufacturer’s Website Good
Manufacturer’s SNS Instagram, Facebook, TikTok
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer Offers Plugcig V2, Pluscig B2, Pluscig B2SPluscig V10, Pluscig B3, Pluscig P2, Pluscig K2, Pluscig P3, Pluscig P7, Pluscig P9


Where to Buy Pluscig Store: Here

Wholesale: Here

Regions Pluscig ships to All countries where Heat-not-Burn is allowed (click here to check your country)
Countries the Manufacturer is Wholesaling to Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Czech, etc.
Countries the Manufacturer Would Like to Wholesale to USA, Canada, Italy, UK, etc.
Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer Service Contact Form: Here
Phone: +86 15877024622
Manufacturer Contact Information for Wholesalers Name: Dandan
Phone/Whatsapp/WeChat: +86 15877024622Name: Zoe
Phone/Whatsapp/WeChat: +86 13590351256
Manual Languages EN, JA, KO
Shipping and Delivery Time Varies based on region

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