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The Basics About This Device

IQOS 3.0 Multi has two distinct features that are not present in any other IQOS devices. Firstly, 3.0 Multi incorporates both the holder and the pocket charger in one compact device, unlike previous models which have separate holders and pocket chargers. Secondly, the device can be used consecutively up to 10 times without needing to be charged. All previous IQOS versions must be charged after each use. These features were added in response to customer feedback with one of the main concerns being the time it took to recharge the holder after each use. Many users felt inconvenienced particularly those who used IQOS devices during their smoke breaks. IQOS 3.0 Multi was also an attempt by PMI to introduce a high-quality, high-powered Heat-not-Burn device with the hopes of attracting and maintaining brand-loyal customers. PMI has made known, on numerous occasions, the company’s desire to become the global leader of Heat-not-Burn products. Competitors who offer faster charging devices, threaten that goal, and therefore an advanced device was needed to, once again, set IQOS apart.

The IQOS 3.0 Multi design is drastically different from previous IQOS models. The device is rectangular in shape with some design elements resembling aspects of previous versions (for example; the 3.0 Multi device cap is cut on a diagonal angle much like the 3.0 holder cap, and 3.0 Multi has a magnetic cap locking mechanism just like 2.4 does), yet IQOS 3.0 Multi has new features as well, such as the swivel top which covers the HeatStick heating chamber.

There are customisation accessories available for IQOS 3.0 Multi, however the variety is currently limited since the device has only been on the market since November 2018. As of early 2019, the only official merchandise available is leather cases and silicone sleeves in numerous colors. Jelly cases are available from unofficial retailers online. Some users have suggested switching caps between 3.0 Multi devices for unique color combinations. Separate caps are available for sale in some countries, with this purpose in mind. They retail for approximately $12USD. See your national IQOS website for more information. Some knock-off websites offer stickers that are cut to fit the device, however the quality of such items cannot be guaranteed, meaning that there is a risk of surface damage. Most 3.0 Multi accessories cost less than $10USD, shipping and handling not factored in.

Product Unboxing and First Use

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Most consumers report that upon receiving the package, the IQOS device is already charged, as indicated by the LED indicator lights. If so, the device is ready to use, however some consumers have noted that their device needed minimal charging before usage.

To charge the device connect it to the USB adaptor and plug the adaptor into an outlet for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once the device is fully charged and ready for use, the Device Charge Indicator Light will glow green, at which point the device can be disconnected from the adaptor. To use IQOS 3.0 Multi, turn the swivel top until the HeatStick chamber is open. Gently, insert a HeatStick into the chamber to the point of the light grey line on the side of the HeatStick. Once inserted, press and hold the star button until the Power Indicator Light glows blue, thus indicating that the device is heating. The heating process lasts about 20 seconds. The device will vibrate twice when the heating process is complete and the HeatStick is ready to be drawn from.

IQOS 3.0 Multi lasts for 6 minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first. A new feature of the 3.0 Multi is a double vibration which notifies the user that the device is nearing the 6 minute mark. Once the allotted time has passed or puffs have been used the holder will automatically power off, at which point users can press the power button and begin another use if desired. After the tenth use the device must be charged again.

Note* IQOS kits do not include HeatSticks, they must be purchased separately.

Testing – Day To Day Use

Our test subjects enjoyed 3.0 Multi’s design, performance, and convenience. The device is light and easy to transport and, despite being thin, it does not feel as fragile as early versions of IQOS. Its size is beneficial for anyone who carries with HnB devices on their persons as it is discrete, while still stylish in nature. Most users felt that 3.0 Multi is a sturdy, functional device that works well for individuals who are frequently on-the-go. There are numerous devices available that help anyone who does use 3.0 Multi outside of the home, including clip on trays, car trays, car mounts, and car chargers. These accessories retail from approximately $7USD to $40USD.

Our test subjects also felt that this device was much simpler in operations than other IQOS models. Everything is controlled by the power button. For new users we feel this is helpful, as it reduces confusion, however for individuals accustomed to older IQOS models, it may take time to learn how to interact with this new device. Nevertheless, we here at Heat180 think that the 3.0 Multi is a wonderful addition to the IQOS family. It addresses numerous issues that arose with previous IQOS models, such as time and convenience, and it signifies promise for the future of the brand.

For optimal performance, IQOS 3.0 Multi should be cleaned regularly to avoid build-up that could damage the device or negatively affect performance. Just like the other IQOS kits, a cleaning tool and precision cleaning sticks are included in the 3.0 Multi kit. The tools can be used in the same manner as with the other IQOS devices; by lowering the cleaning tool onto the HeatSticks chamber and gently rotating the tool to remove build-up, and by using the precision cleaning sticks to remove any lingering grime. In some countries PMI offers free cleaning of the product by simply visiting an official IQOS store. Once again, users can purchase IQOS trays that are specially designed as a place to rest HeatSticks while they cool and catch fallout from cleaning, if mess is a concern for the user. They can be purchased on the official IQOS website, as well as unofficial sites. They range in price from $10USD to $75USD.

First Time Switching to the IQOS Brand

In an effort to provide the most unbiased review possible, we consulted test subjects who were asked to switch from traditional cigarettes to the IQOS device for a two week period.

One of our IQOS test subject was a 20+ year conventional tobacco smoker. Initially he reported that he did not feel as satisfied using IQOS as he did traditional cigarettes however at the end of the two weeks he was converted to this product. His feedback was that chest pain, which he had experienced throughout his years as a conventional smoker, was dramatically improved and he no longer smelled like smoke. Other users reported similar findings, and several noted that they did not have as many, nor as severe, cravings as they had with traditional cigarettes.

In discussion with an IQOS district representative we were told that the success rate for users who switch to IQOS from traditional tobacco is 80%, but only with support from the IQOS team. Support programs offered can vary based on region so for most accurate information contact your regional IQOS store or national customer service representatives. We recommend that all IQOS owners make use of the services available.

Investing in IQOS

IQOS devices are one of the most expensive Heat-not-Burn products available. IQOS kits retail between $125USD and $175USD. Accessories can range from $10USD to $60USD. The average customer can expect to spend $2500 to $3500USD per year on this product line. Below are some financial options to consider when choosing to invest in IQOS.

  • Money not an issue: For previous IQOS models we’ve suggested buying multiple devices and rotating them to aid in longevity and convenience. Since IQOS 3.0 Multi can be used multiple times before needing to be charged, convenience is no longer a major issue, however longevity could still be a concern if the device is being used on a constant basis. One could certainly buy two devices, and rotate between them, say have one at work and one at home, which would improve the life span of both. However, this is not a necessity. If you do choose to buy multiple products however, it allows you more customization options as you can mix and match device lids. If you live in a part of the word where IQOS HeatSticks quality and taste is not to your liking, order your products from Japan. You can read more about this topic and how to do so here.
  • Money is an issue: There are IQOS devices from China that have tested extremely well. We still recommend buying your primary device from an official IQOS outlet, however you could always purchase a backup or backup accessories from China. Another option is to buy a used device, available on numerous online resale websites. Some new users choose not to commit to the device or find that it doesn’t fit their needs. Thus, buying used is a good idea when trying to cut costs. For HeatSticks we recommend buying IQOS HEETS for guaranteed quality, however there are compatible knockoffs from China and Russia if you so choose.

IQOS HeatSticks (HEETS) Overview

IQOS’ brand of HeatSticks is called HEETS (herein referred to as HEETS). HEETS are specifically designed for IQOS HnB products and will neither light, nor heat independent from the holder device. Each HEET consists of 18 milligrams of nicotine and users report that the taste is highly concentrated, due to a greater density of tobacco within the HEET. Due to such several users have commented that, despite which label, IQOS flavors have a more noticeable nicotine taste than vape flavors. There are several available flavors of HEETS – for a full listing, as well as flavor reviews, and HEETS structural design components, please click here.

For consumption, users must insert the HEET into the HeatSticks holder with the filter end facing up so that the blade can pierce through the nicotine at the opposite end of the HEET. The blade within the HeatStick holder is sturdier than the original IQOS device, but care should still be taken when inserting the HEET. Users will leave the HEET in the holder until finished smoking at which time the HEET can be removed by gently pulling it straight out of the holder and disposed of in the same manner a traditional cigarette would be. HEETS should not be used consecutively; they are designed only for one-time use. The HEET may undergo slight discoloration during usage however it is a natural result and should not be cause for concern. HEETS are compatible with all IQOS devices.

Tips and Tricks

  • Philip Morris International (PMI), the IQOS manufacturer, is spending a lot of money keeping its new and existing customers happy. If you encounter any problems with your IQOS devices do not hesitate to reach out to them by calling their customer service support line. The phone number, corresponding to country of purchase, is located on the side of the box. There is no guaranteed course of action, however the company does prize customer satisfaction. They did replace one of our products for free, which amazed us as it was a broken blade in an older device without a receipt. They simply scanted the barcode and give us a brand new device. I would not expect this to happen all the time but it is worth bring up.
  • In some countries PMI offers free cleaning of the product by simply visiting an official IQOS store.
  • At some point tobacco residue will build up on the bottom of the heater blade. At this point, the device must be cleaned. Do not clean the device with any tool other than the cleaning tools included in the IQOS kit as the blade is fragile and could break if not handled properly. Two cleaning tools will be included in the IQOS kit: the cleaning brush and cleaning sticks/cleaning hooks. The brush can be used to sweep away small pieces of residue from the HeatSticks holder. The cleaning hook is used to push out stuck tobacco from the cap, not to clean near the blade. * If you like using this device it is worth keeping your eye open on Ali Express’s website for new and interesting devices. Just remember, it is from China, delivery can be slow, read the reviews before buying, make sure you check the release date of the device.
  • While consumers can purchase each IQOS component separately from IQOS retailers, it is more financially beneficial to purchase the kit, which includes all necessary components and user instructions.

IQOS 3.0 Multi Manual


The IQOS kit includes a warranty, however warranty details vary depending upon your country of residence and the shop you purchased it from. Contact the manufacturer at to take advantage of the warranty or contact the shop the IQOS kit was purchased from.

Most IQOS holders come with a two-year warranty. You may be able to get a new holder in the event that your heating blade is broken or you experience some other damaged component. To take advantage of your warranty you’ll want to contact the store that you purchased the IQOS kit or holder from and let them know the issue that you’re having. The manufacturer should be able to help you without you having to issue a complaint.

If you feel you can add anything to this review, please feel free to comment and rate the device!

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2 reviews for Review – IQOS 3.0 Multi

  1. George from the heat180 community

    IQOS needs to step up its game, after reviewing some products from China I am convinced they can do better. A product of this size should not deplete after 10 heatsticks. Also, the price needs to come down.

  2. George – Heat180 community

    Looks & feels great. Unfortunately, I was not able to test it for long periods of time. I am looking forward to hearing what other long-term users of this device have to say. It would have been nice if it can handle more than 10 heatsticks per charge.

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