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Aukiss CSVK One – Mini Model

Automatic-CleaningLocking FeatureTemperature Adjustment
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Price $33USD
HeatStick Type HEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
What’s Included in the Kit Device
USB Cable
Quality Control Card
Additional Info Card
Number of Consecutive Uses 10-12
Type of Blade Flat blade
Cycle Length 4 minutes
Charging Time 2-3 hours
Features Locking feature, temperature adjustment, automatic-cleaning
Warranty 3-month warranty, battery only
Colors Black, white, red, purple/aqua ombre



Aukiss CSVK One is a unique device, as it resembles an IQOS holder, but offers a fair number of features (locking feature, temperature adjustment, and automatic-cleaning). For $33USD it’s not too expensive and could be used as a backup device. Be careful when buying though as the advertising for this device is a bit tricky. CSVK One is often advertised as offering “20 consecutive uses,” but this isn’t always true. There are actually two models of CSVK One; the Plus Model and the Mini Model. The Plus Model offers 18-20 consecutive uses, but the Mini Model only offers 10-12. Even though our device was advertised as the Plus Model, we actually received the Mini Model. Sneaky…

Overall, this device is okay, but there are other devices on the market that might be a better option.

FEATURES: Locking feature, temperature adjustment, automatic-cleaning.

QUALITY: Okay. The blade might be a bit fragile. Side note, but the packaging looks SUPER cheap. It really doesn’t give a good first impression of the device.

DESIGN: Similar to an IQOS holder, but offers the same colors as HiTaste P5/P6 devices.





In your Aukiss CSVK One kit you will find; the device, the manual, a USB cable, a Quality Control card, an Additional Information card, and elasticks.

Once you’ve unboxed your device, you’ll want to check its charge by clicking on the control button once. The color of the light indicates the level of charge is remaining, green means there is 100%-80% charge remaining. Blue means 80%-20% remaining, and red means 20% or less. If your device needs to be charged, just connect it to a power source via the USB cable. Charging takes anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.



Once your device is unboxed you can begin using it. Here’s how;

  1. Unlock by pressing and holding the control button until it vibrates and light flashes
  2. Insert HeatStick
  3. Click control button 3 times to turn on
  4. Device will vibrate and light flashes while heating
  5. Change temperature while device is heating
    • Click control button 3 more times
    • The color of the light shows the temperature setting
      • Blue = low
      • White = high
  6. When heating is complete, device will vibrate and light turns solid
  7. When cycle is over, device will vibrate and light turns off
  8. Remove HeatStick
  9. Lock by pressing and holding control button

When it’s time to clean your device, Aukiss CSVK One offers automatic-cleaning. To use this feature, unlock the device and click the control button 5 times. The light will turn purple and begin flashing. Cleaning lasts for approximately 30 seconds, at which point the light will turn off.

You’ll also want to manually clean your device. In the manual, it says that the CSVK One kit comes with a cleaning brush and cleaning sticks, but our kit did not have these. Perhaps a manufacturer oversight? If your kit, like ours didn’t include any cleaning tools, it’s no big deal, there are some great ones available on AliExpress. Here’s some of our favorites;


BUY NOW                                             BUY NOW

Cleaning Kit and Gaskets                                  Lemonade Cleaning Water


The Aukiss brand does not produce their own HeatSticks. Instead, their devices are designed to work with other branded HeatSticks, such as HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS HeatSticks.


Aukiss CSVK One Manual PDF Download


CSVK One comes with a 3-month warranty that covers the blade only.


Kit Price $33USD
Diameters 112mm x 57mm circumference
Weight 42g
Weight with Packaging 79g
Material Unknown
Battery Type Li-ion 750 mAh
Power Input USB Cable
Maximum Blade Temperature 184°C/ 363°F
Charging Time 2-3 hours
Time it Takes for Device to Heat 10 seconds
Length of Cycle 4 minutes
Number of Consecutive Uses Mini Model: 10-12

Plus Model: 18-20

Features Locking feature, temperature adjustment, automatic-cleaning
HeatSticks HEETS, Marlboro for IQOS
Can Kit Accessories be Purchased Separately No
Colors Available Black, white, red, purple/aqua ombre
Comparable To N/A


Location of Manufacturer
Years in Business
Product Launch Year
Manufacturer Website
Impression of Manufacturer’s Website
Full Product Line that the Manufacturer Offers


Where to Buy
Regions the manufacturer ships to
All countries where Heat-not-Burn is allowed (click here to check your country)
Regions the Manufacturer is Wholesaling to
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Manufacturer Contact Information for Customer Service
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Manual Languages
Shipping and Delivery Time
Varies based on region


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