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Trying to quit smoking is hard. We know. We’ve been there. Sometimes even after switching to Heat-Not-Burn, it remains difficult to quit completely. That’s where nicotine free HeatSticks come in.

Nicotine free HeatSticks are not super well-known, but they can come in quite useful to anyone looking to quit. They allow you to keep the habit of smoking, while weaning you off nicotine.

There are a few different brands of nicotine-free HeatSticks on the market that offer a pretty wide range of flavors. We decided to test a few out to see what the experience is like.

So what did we think?

Overall, not bad but the quality can vary greatly depending on what brand you choose. In terms of taste, it’s not exactly like a nicotine HeatStick, but some brands can taste pretty similar, especially if you choose a classic flavor like menthol. I, personally, found that Healcier was the brand with the most similar taste, however I liked almost all of the flavors. It all comes down to personal taste though. Alot of people try nicotine-free HeatSticks and end ip hating the taste.

FlavorDescriptionSame Size AsAvailability
Healcier - Menthol
Menthol with a slight sweetness. HEETS, FiitCan be purchased online and shipped worldwide
Fogfaery - Menthol
Menthol.HEETS, FiitLimited
Fogfaery - Coffee
Warm and rich with a nutty undertone. HEETS, FiitLimited
Fogfaery - Lemon
Similar to soft orange. HEETS, FiitLimited
Fogfaery - Grape
Strong chemical grape flavor. HEETS, FiitLimited

Additional Brand Info


Also sometimes known as Heccig, or SKS, Healcier originated in Dongguan City, China, and now has locations in both China and Japan. The Healcier company is a subsidiary of Dongguan Vanilla Bioengineering Co. Ltd., which was founded in 1998. The company claims to put this product through rigorous testing both for human impact and environmental factors.Certifications for Healcier products do not appear to be public.

Healcier is probably the best-known nicotine-free HeatStick brand. Several online vape and HnB retailers have begun selling Healcier over the past year or so and it has pretty good reviews. Currently Healcier offers 5 flavors; Regular, Citrus, Menthol, Blueberry, and Coffee. Exact ingredients are unknown. This brand of nicotine-free HeatSticks is the most similar, that we have found, to official HeatSticks like HEETS and NeoStiks. In fact they are so similar, it’s almost difficult to tell, from taste alone, that they do not have nicotine. If you are in the market for nicotine-free HeatSticks, Healcier would definitely be our recommendation.

To read more about the Healcier design, ingredients, and what’s inside, click here.


Fogfaery HeatSticks are made by Guigang Guojian Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. in Guangxi, China, a subsidiary of Koken. Fogfaery HeatSticks are a natural alternative that do not contain nicotine.

Fogfaery comes in 4 different flavors; grape, coffee, lemon, and menthol. Exact ingredient unknown. The flavors are pretty good and it’s difficult to tell, from taste alone, that they do not contain nicotine. This brand is a bit hard to secure. We recommend contacting the team over at Koken, since Koken is a partner in the Fogfaery brand.


Now one last thing I want to mention, using nicotine-free HeatSticks is not the same as using HEETS, NeoStiks, Fiits, or any other big brand of HeatSticks. Since these are nicotine-free they may contain ingredients not normally found in HeatSticks, they may be processed differently, and/or they may not have gone through the same safety evaluations, if any. Just because we didn’t have any problems with these products, doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same experience. Consider this carefully before buying.

If you are concerned we’d recommend requesting a full list of ingredients from the manufacturer and all certifications the manufacturer holds for this product. If you have any underlying health conditions you might also want to consider checking with your doctor. For example, one of the products listed above, NosmoQ, includes diglucoside, which can lower blood pressure. Things like this could affect some users negatively, so if you’re not sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Have you tried nicotine-free HeatSticks? What are your thoughts on them? Leave us a comment and let us know

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