PMI Temporarily Closes HEETS Factory in Italy Due to COVID-19

PMI announced Monday that, as a result of the dire COVID-19 situation in Italy, the company would be temporarily closing its factory in Bologna. This announcement comes one day after the Italian government mandated that all non-essential factories close. As of Monday the closure is set to only last one week, however that could change as the situation progresses.

The Bologna factory, located in the North of Italy, is one of the few PMI factories dedicated solely to the production of smoke-free products, particularly HEETS. PMI has said that the company “does not currently expect out-of-stock situations in any major operating income markets and believes consumers still have adequate access to its products.”

Italy is one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19. At the time of this posting the number of cases in Italy is approximately 64 000 and the death toll has risen to approximately 6100.

We here at Heat180 wish good health to all of our readers in Italy and elsewhere in the world! Please stay safe and healthy!