PMI Begins Selling Lil Internationally

Today marks the first day that Philip Morris International (PMI) will begin selling Lil products internationally. Back in January, PMI and Korea Tobacco & Ginseng (KT&G), the manufacturer of Lil, announced that they would be partnering to promote Lil devices and their accompanying line of HeatSticks, called Fiit, globally. The first product to become available is Lil Solid, which is now being sold in Russia. It is expected that more Lil products will soon become available in numerous other countries. Currently, there are four Lil devices, however the contract between PMI and KT&G would permit the sale of any Lil device that KT&G releases within the next three years. List of Lil Devices;

  • Lil Solid/ Lil Solid Plus (Heat-not-Burn)
  • Lil Mini (Heat-not-Burn)
  • Lil Vapor (vape)
  • Lil Hybrid (Heat-not-Burn and vape combination

Lil, despite being a well-received big tobacco device, has never gained the international acclaim that IQOS has. This is in large part due to the fact that KT&G products are difficult to secure outside of South Korea. By committing to this partnership, both PMI and KT&G hope to introduce Lil as a Heat-not-Burn brand worthy of being recognized worldwide.

To read more about the terms of PMI and KT&G’s partnership, click here.