PMI and KT&G Collaborate to Promote Lil

Big news in the world of Heat-Not Burn! On January 28, 2020 Philip Morris International (PMI), the maker of IQOS, and Korea Tobacco & Ginseng (KT&G), the maker of Lil, announced that they will be collaborating to promote Lil products globally.

Lil is a line of smoke-free, harm reduction products. Currently the line includes Lil Solid Plus and Lil Mini Heat-Not-Burn devices, Lil Vapor a vape device, and Lil Hybrid a Heat-Not-Burn and vape combination device. At present, these devices are only sold within South Korea and are very difficult for international users to purchase.

This collaboration allow PMI to distributed Lil products in markets around the world. Specific markets are not yet known, as Lil must first undergo testing to assure they meet market standards. PMI will have control over the commercialization of Lil products in all markets other than South Korea.

This collaboration will last for 3 years, however there could be a possibility of extension in the future.

PMI also included in their announcement that “there are no current plans to commercialize KT&G products in the U.S.”