Japan Tobacco Announces July Release of Ploom S 2.0

Lots of exciting news from Japan Tobacco recently. The company, which last week announced the launch of the new heated tobacco device Ploom Model S, has now announced the release of another device called Ploom S 2.0. Ploom S 2.0 will become available on July 2nd, 2020 across Japan.

As well as having general improvements, such as reduced charging time and increased number of consecutive uses, Ploom S 2.0 will also have a unique heating mode that is designed specifically to enhance menthol flavors. The manufacturer stated that the heating mode, called ‘TASTE ACCEL,’ “lengthens the duration of the peak heating temperature, compared to that of the current Ploom S. This allows for a balance among the freshness of menthol, rich vapor and clear tobacco taste, making it the ideal device for menthol flavors.” This development may come as a result of recent studies showing that the majority of Japanese consumers prefer menthol flavors.

As well as the new device, Japan Tobacco will also be releasing 2 new menthol HeatSticks; Camel Menthol Red and Camel Menthol Yellow.

Ploom S 2.0 is a noteworthy addition to the Heat-not-Burn industry, as it is the first device that was designed to enhance a specific HeatStick flavor.

SOURCE: https://www.jt.com/media/news/2020/0601_01.html