Review – Ploom HeatSticks (Mevius, Winston, & Camel) Flavors


FlavorDescriptionRegions Available
Mevius Regular Taste
Rich, sweet tobacco flavor, somewhat similar to red bean or sweet teaJapan
Mevius Menthol
Sharp mentholJapan
Mevius Menthol Cool Effect
Lighter mentholJapan
Mevius Menthol Purple
Fruity, grape tasteJapan
Winston Rich Tobacco Strong tobacco flavorRussia
Winston Berry FreshFruity tasteRussia
Winston Cooling EffectFresh menthol taste and effectRussia
Winston Smooth TobaccoSmooth, somewhat mild, tobacco flavorRussia
Camel Red MentholJapan
Camel Yellow MentholJapan


Currently there are three main types of Ploom HeatSticks;

  • Mevius: Used with Ploom S (original), primarily available in Japan
  • Winston: Used with Ploom Model S, have a new blend, called ActivBlendTM, that is meant to enhance flavor, currently available in Russia
  • Camel: Used with Ploom S 2.0, menthol flavors, currently available in Japan


Ploom HeatStick products are a bit difficult to find outside of Japan and/or Russia. If you, like us, do not live in Japan or Russia, we recommend buying from an online retailer or a forwarding company


The HeatSticks are almost the same size as HEETS. Inside the HeatSticks (this photo is of a Mevius HeatStick) there are several filters, a hollow acetate tube and a the tobacco.

A full list of ingredients for Mevius, Camel, and Winston HeatSticks is not available, however the manufacturer does promote that all menthol in Mevius HeatSticks is 100% natural.

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