New Design for Top-Rated HiTaste P5

HiTaste has just announced that their top-rated device HiTaste P5 has undergone a makeover. This new version of P5 is less rounded in design and, with a small amount of gold detailing, gives of a much more sophisticated feel.

It is currently unknown if this new 2020 version of Hitaste P5 will offer the same features as the older P5 model. Previously P5 offered features like a screen, temperature adjustment, length of cycle adjustment, a usage record, and self-cleaning. (To read our full review of the old HiTaste P5, click here). What we do know is that the new version of HiTaste P5 will weigh approximately the same (42g) and will have the same battery strength (900mAh). It will also charge within the same amunt of time (2 hours) andthe same heating time (15 seconds). However, the newer version will have a shorter range in length of cycle (2.5 minutes to 5 minutes whereas the older P5 model allowed the cycle to go from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes) and will supposedly offer more consecutive uses.

The new version of HiTaste P5 will come in 5 colors; black, gray, pink, gold, and pastel purple.

No price has been announced as of the time of posting.