Japan Tobacco Releases 2020 Second Quarter Results

On July 31, 2020, Japan Tobacco, the maker of Ploom, released its 2020 Second Quarter results.

  • Revenue fell by 2.7% – it is believed that COVID-19, which had a detrimental affect on the global economy, was a factor in this decrease
  • Operating profits fell by 19.1%
  • Japan Tobacco is offering an interim dividend of 77 JPY
  • Forecasts for the 2020 year have had to be revised due to the economic effects of COVID-19
  • Japan Tobacco is planning on offering an annual dividend of 154 JPY
  • Masamichi Terabatake, President and Chief Executive Officer at Japan Tobacco addressed the issue of COVID by stating that “[though] the situation remains very volatile and needs to be closely monitored, [Japan Tobacco] will continue to respond to evolving consumer needs and changes to their behavior with flexibility and agility.”
  • Reduced risk products estimated to be 26% of the total tobacco industry
  • Japan Tobacco’s reduced risk products sales volume increased from 2019

To read the full 2020 Second Quarter Results, click here.

SOURCE: https://www.jt.com/investors/results/forecast/pdf/2020/Second_Quarter/20200731_07.pdf