Review – IQOS HeatStick (HEETS) Flavors

HEETS Flavors

There are three types of IQOS HeatSticks; HEETS, which are primarily available in the Americas, the UK, and Europe, Marlboro for IQOS, which are widely available in Asia and Eastern Europe, and HEETS Creation which are available in Russia.

There are numerous flavors available in HEETS, Marlboro for IQOS, and HEETS Creation, however our test subjects found that the most pleasant flavors are the Marlboro for IQOS.


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FlavorDescriptionRegions Available
Oak/ Amber Label/ Marlboro for IQOS Regular

Heavy tobacco flavor – Similar to Marlboro RedCanada, EU, UK, South Africa, Russia, Japan
Cypress/ Yellow Label/ Marlboro for IQOS Balanced-Regular

Similar to Marlboro LightsCanada, EU, UK, South Africa, Russia, Korea, Japan
Blue Label/ Marlboro for IQOS Menthol
Menthol – Similar to Marlboro MentholEU, Korea, Japan
Turquoise or Green Label/ Marlboro for IQOS Mint

Light mint – Similar to Marlboro Crisp MintEU, UK, South Africa, Russia, Korea, Japan
Purple Label/ Marlboro for IQOS Purple Menthol

Menthol and floral herbs with a hint of blueberry or grape, similar to Marlboro Ruby Burst and Camel Purple MintUkraine, Russia, Korea, Japan
Red Label/ Sienna Label
Intense tobacco flavorCanada, Czech Republic
Silver Label/ Marlboro for IQOS Silver

Light, refined taste, somewhat aromaticCanada, Korea, Japan
IQOS for Marlboro Smooth Regular
Similar to Marlboro MediumsJapan
Teak/ Bronze Label/ Deep Bronze/ Cedar Label

Rich tobacco flavor with a hint of cocoaCanada, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Japan
Balanced Yellow
Light taste with a hint of lemonCzech Republic, Japan
Fresh Emerald
Very light mint flavorJapan
Green Zing or Marlboro for IQOS Yellow Menthol

Menthol and citrus flavorUkraine, Russia, Korea, Japan
Tropical Menthol (Limited Edition)
Menthol and tropical fruits, somewhat like papaya Japan

HEETS are available in numerous package sizes and for varying prices depending on the country and methods of purchase.

Flavor Review

HEETS Design

HEETS resemble traditional cigarettes, but are smaller and thinner. Traditional cigarettes tend to hover around 3 inches in length, whereas HEETS only measure about 1 3/4 inches. HEETS are made specifically for IQOS devices and will not burn on their own. HEETS are compatible with all IQOS devices.

HEETS have two main components; the filter (section at the end of the HEET from which the user breathes) and the tobacco material (section into which the blade is inserted and heated). But that’s not all; inside the HEET there are even more features. There is the tobacco plug (concentrated mass of tobacco which is heated), hollow acetate tube (channels vapor into the filters), the polymer-film filter (filters the vapor the remove impurities), the cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter (filters the vapor to remove impurities), and the outer/mouth-end papers (specially designed to replicate the texture of traditional cigarettes and thus provide more comfort to consumers than a metal or plastic). The physical design of the HEET is created with the users comfort in mind, meaning that all the components which make up a HEET are there so that they can provide the user with a satisfying HnB experience.

Each HEET consists of 18 milligrams of nicotine. Users often note that due to the high volume of nicotine, the taste is much more apparent than it is for most competitor’s products or vaping liquids.

PMI does not have an official, universal listing of HEETS ingredients but does allow users access to ingredient listings based on country of purchase on the company’s official website. HEETS ingredients, particularly additives, can differ based on region. Unfortunately, not all countries are listed.

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We are working towards categorizing every HeatStick IQOS sells globally.

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Optional: include the region of purchase and price you paid for the HeatSticks and maybe some feedback on the flavor if your using them.

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14 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Looks like there’s a new flavour in Russia, not sure what it is though –

  2. Alex says:

    “Note* some of the Japanese flavors are no longer available, or will be retired soon, as in 2019 the Japanese market, which has previously sold IQOS HeatSticks under the name ‘Marlboro IQOS’, will begin selling IQOS HeatSticks under the ‘HEETS’ name and labels.”

    I don’t think this is true – I think they’re deliberately selling two lines of HeatSticks in Japan to reach different markets, it’s the only market where HEETs were introduced alongside the existing brand, in other markets HeatSticks (Marlboro or Parliament) were simply rebranded. Moreover there’s an important price difference – Marlboro HeatSticks cost 500 yen while HEETs cost 470. Dropping Marlboro HeatSticks and raising HEETs to 500 might be unpopular with consumers, while dropping Marlboro HeatSticks and keeping the price at 470 would hit revenues.

    • Heat180 says:

      Hi Alex,

      Good to know. We’ll change this!

      Japan has definitely got a great market of IQOS HeatSticks! Changing the price of Marlboro for IQOS probably would drive up sales, but I have a feeling that the price is kept a bit higher intentionally. Marlboro for IQOS has more of the new and unique flavors, like Tropical Menthol. Once or twice a year when new flavors are released I’m sure IQOS users are happy to pay the extra amount to try the new flavors. And if users like them, perhaps they would be willing to keep paying extra? Maybe IQOS feels like these specialty flavors that are exclusive to Marlboro for IQOS bring in enough revenue from this? Really interesting how IQOS has strategically designed their sales plan for HeatSticks in Japan!

      One thing I really liked in Japan is that it’s easy to buy smaller sizes of both HEETS and Marlboro for IQOS. I always want to try the new flavors but not living in Japan it’s difficult to get the 10 or 20 packs unless you buy through a forwarding service. So I loved that in Japan I could just walk into a convenience store and buy whatever size I wanted!

  3. Robbins says:

    @Heet180 I’m trying to send you guys some flavors available in the Dominican Republic but it says your inbox is full. Clean it up please.

  4. mab says:

    heets: amber: it smells and feels like fart (sorry), sienna(red) is my favourite, very smooth fantastic tobacco flavor. blue is a very-very strong menthol flavoured. in ukraine you can have green zing: it is mint with some green tea, it is the best menthol flavoured heet. purple can also be bought in ukraine, it is red fruits with mint. good, but i would not kill for it 😀

    • Heat180 says:

      Hi Mab! Red certainly seems to be a favorite with our team as well. Thanks so much for sending in your thoughts! We love hearing how other HEETS users feel about the flavors.

  5. Heba says:

    Is the seinnea collection same as bronze flavour

    • Heat180 says:

      Hi Heba! Sienna collection is the same as Red flavor. Teak is the one that’s the same as Bronze. Hope that helps! 🙂

  6. John says:

    I got some from

    Very satisfied!

    • Heat180 says:

      Hi John! Thanks for letting us know! We hadn’t heard of goldenchangeshop before. I see they also sell Fiit for the Lil device. Nice! I’ve been looking for those everywhere!

  7. 18 milligrams of nicotine is much higher than a mild regular cigarrette… Since nicotine is so addictive… I would prefer to smoke a menthol flavoured heet with a lower nicotine content… Looking forward… Kind Regards

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