IQOS at a Glance: A Quick Guide

We know that sometimes you just don’t have time to read through a detailed review, which is why our team has compiled all the essential information about IQOS in one post.

*Please note that all prices are from the official IQOS website. Prices may vary based on retailer.

DeviceIQOS 2.4 and 2.4 Plus

IQOS 3.0

IQOS 3.0 Multi


WeightWithout Packaging: 121g

With Packaging: 393g
Without Packaging: 128g

With Packaging: 317g
Without Packaging: 44g

With Packaging: 322g
Without Packaging: 128g

With Packaging: 317g
Diameters 114 x 51 x 18 mm114 x 46 x 23 mm117 x 25 x 13 mm114 x 46 x 23 mm
Compatible with Other IQOS products (i.e. pocket charger, holder, cleaning device)IQOS (original)IQOS 3 DUONoIQOS 3.0
Holder Charging Time3 minutes, 15 seconds3 minutes, 15 secondsN/ABetween 30 seconds and 4.5 minutes
Pocket Charger Charging Time2 hours, 10 minutes2 hours, 5 minutes1 hour, 15 minutes1 hour, 20 minutes
How Long Does a Cycle Last14 puffs or 6 minutes6 minutes, 5 seconds or 14 puffs14 puffs or 6 minutes6 minutes 5 seconds or 14 puffs
How Many Cycles Before Device Needs Charging30 cycles 20 cycles10 cycles35 cycles
Vibrates to Indicate Nearing the End of a Cycle YesYesYesYes
Bluetooth CapabilitiesIQOS 2.4 - No
IQOS 2.4 Plus - Yes
Kit Price (not including HEETS) $85USD$110USD$95USD$100USD
Holder Price$35USD$40USDN/AN/A
Compatible with other IQOS holdersIQOS (original)IQOS 3 DUONoIQOS 3.0
USB Adaptor Price$10USDN/AN/AN/A
USB Cable Price$8USDN/AN/AN/A
USB Type *note, USB adaptors and cables are interchangeable between all IQOS devicesMicro-USBMicro-USB type CMicro-USB type CMicro-USB type C
Cleaning Tool Price$4.50USD$4.50USD$4.50USD$4.50USD
Cleaning Sticks Price$1.50USD for 10 sticks, $3.50USD for 30 sticks$1.50USD for 10 sticks$1.50USD for 10 sticks$1.50USD for 10 sticks
Built-In Cleaning MechanismIQOS 2.4 - Yes
IQOS 2.4 Plus - No
Colors AvailableBlack, White, Navy, Limited Edition (LE) Royal Blue, LE Red/Ruby, LE Pink, LE Motor (black and red)Black, Royal Blue, White, GoldBlack, Royal Blue, White, GoldBlack, White, Gray, Blue, Copper, Limited Edition (LE) Chrome, LE Spring
Accessories AvailableColored Cap, Leather Pouch, Leather Sleeve, Leather Folio, Leather Clip, Duo Folio, Carry Case, Car Mount,Car Tray, Clip on Tray, Tray, Single Charging Dock, Dual Charging DockColored Cap, Door Cover, Leather Sleeve, Leather Folio, Car Charger, Car Mount, Car Tray, Clip on Tray, Tray, Single Charging DockColored Cap, Leather Case, Silicone Sleeve, Car Charger, Car Mount, Car Tray, Clip on Tray, TrayWorks with all IQOS 3.0 accessories
Accessory Price$8USD – $40USD$8USD – $40USD$8USD – $35USDN/A
Regions AvailableAllAllAllAll
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