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When IQOS was first launched, nothing was offered except the cleaning tools and the kits themselves, but as IQOS has grown in popularity, more and more accessories have been introduced as a way for customers to customize their IQOS devices as well as their user experience. Accessories range from colorful carry cases and caps to portable chargers. The variety of accessories available is fantastic and our team has always found the quality to be good, but the one drawback is the price tag. IQOS, as we all know too well, is a premium brand, and therefore you will pay a premium price.

So what do you do if you want accessories, but don’t want to pay the price? You do what we all do in the modern age – turn to the internet. There’s a ton of knock-off and alternative accessories available online for affordable prices. (For example, an official IQOS 2.4 holder cap costs $12USD, but knock-off caps retail for around a $1.50USD.) Of course, IQOS recommends only using official products and warns against buying alternatives for fear that they could harm the device, but we were curious – are the official accessories as good as they claim to be? And are the knock-off ones good at all?

We purchased various official IQOS accessories and knock-off/alternative accessories for IQOS 2.4, 3.0, and 3.0 Multi, then we’ve compared their quality, design, function, and overall worth. Here’s what we thought.

Accessories Review Chart

Door Cover
Carry Case
Charging Dock

In-Depth Reviews

IQOS Cap (top) and Knock-Off Cap (bottom)

The Accessory: Let’s start with IQOS 2.4 holder caps. Holder caps were one of the first accessories that IQOS released. They were originally released so that users could personalize their devices, while also adding a pop of color.

IQOS Colored Cap ($12USD): IQOS caps are exact replicas of the cap that is already on your HeatSticks holder. Due to design changes between IQOS 2.4 and 3.0, holder caps are not interchangeable so you need to buy a cap specifically made for the IQOS model you own. The caps appear to be good quality and do not feel fragile in any way. Sometimes the finish on the cap that is included with the IQOS kit, and the individual cap feels a tiny bit different, but we can’t get any confirmation that they are made with different materials. We just found that the cap we had purchased individually felt a bit more silky than the smooth feel of the original cap.

Knock-off Colored Cap ($1.50USD): Now for the knock-off, we found that the knock-off was just as good quality as the official IQOS holder cap. The knock-off that we purchased fit the device perfectly, did not fall off, and was not difficult to remove.

The Verdict: For the price, you might as well try a knock-off. While IQOS has a wide variety of cap colors, you can often get more colors and finishes from knock-off retailers. Sometimes you can even get patterns! I could see how this could go wrong if you bought a cap that didn’t fit, but overall what do you have to lose? $1.50?

The Accessory: As IQOS developed there were even more opportunities to personalize the devices. For 3.0 IQOS created a door cover to allow for personalization of both the pocket charger.

IQOS Door Cover ($9USD): A plastic door cover that can be switched with the one that is already included on your 3.0 device. The cover has magnets at both ends that lock it into place.

Knock-Off Door Cover ($2.50USD): The EXACT same thing as the IQOS door cover, except that the knock-off that we purchased did not have ‘IQOS’ engraved on it. Check out other knock-offs online, as you can often get different colors, finishes, and sometimes patterns.

The Verdict: We didn’t find there was any significant difference between the official IQOS door cover and the knock-off, therefore we have to give this one to the knock-off. You are paying less than half the price for the same thing. Might as well save some money and use it to splurge on what really matters.

The Accessory: Onto the next accessory! IQOS devices have pretty solid exteriors and don’t easily get scratched or marked, but I always have this irrational fear, especially with my white IQOS 3.0, that it will someone get damaged by just throwing it in a bag or backpack. So, we decided to test a carry case.

IQOS Carry Case ($42USD): IQOS sells a genuine leather carry case (which they call a ‘folio’) for IQOS 3.0. IQOS’s carry case is pretty good quality although I did find the leather a bit too thin for my liking. One thing I loved about the carry case is that it is big enough to hold the 3.0 device, a pack of HEETS, the clip on tray, and the cleaning brush. We also tested whether it would hold both a 3.0 device and a 2.4/ 2.4 Plus at the same time and it did not disappoint! (Keep in mind, IQOS did just release a dual carry case, specifically made for carrying 3.0 and 2.4/2.4 Plus) The case has a magnetic flap, which we found worked well.

Knock-off Carry Case ($13USD): The knock-off carry case we ordered, which I’m certain is not genuine leather, was a bit more sturdy than the official IQOS carry case in my opinion. Unfortunately since the case material was thicker, it did not hold as much. We could comfortably get the IQOS 3.0 device, a pack of HEETS, and the cleaning brush in the case, but could not fit the clip on tray. This was a bit of a bummer, however we liked the carry case’s internal design quite alot so that made up for our disappointment. The internal design was a bit more efficient than IQOS as there was a small band that held the cleaning brush in place, ensuring that it wouldn’t fall out. The knock-off case also had a slot for one or two important cards, such as a credit card or metro pass. Once again the case was held together with a magnet, which worked well.

The Verdict: It’s a tie. Both the official IQOS carry case and the original have their pros and their cons. I really appreciate having an ash tray with me wherever I go, but I still like the interior design of the knock-off better. That being said, I like the feel of the knock-off, it seems sturdy, however I’m betting with genuine leather, the IQOS carry case will hold up better over time, making it a good investment piece.

IQOS Pouch (left) and Knock-Off Pouch (right)

The Accessory: A different carry case design is the IQOS 3.0 Multi pouch. IQOS 3.0 Multi is quite a bit different than it’s predecessors in design so there is no way it could fit into the existing carry cases. Therefore, it got it’s own.

IQOS Pouch ($27USD): IQOS guarantees that it’s pouch is real leather. Much like the 3.0 carry case, the device slides into the pouch and then the pouch has a magnetic fold over top that keeps the device securely inside. Once again, I did not like the leather very much. It felt thin and a bit fragile. I also really didn’t like the stitching on this. There were only a few stitches scattered here and there. I don’t think this pouch would hold up too well over a long period of time.

Knock-Off Pouch ($6USD): Design-wise the knock-off was pretty good. It has a clip on the back which allowed the user to easily hook it into a belt loop, a lanyard, or a keychain. What a great addition! It was also sturdy. Unfortunately though that is where the compliments end. We decided to try a denim for this pouch and that caused some problems. We discovered that the magnet which was meant to close the pouch often didn’t click because of the denim material over it. This rendered the pouch basically useless. If you clipped it onto something, it was off balance and awkward. Even if you just used it as a protective cover, the top half of the device would still be susceptible to damage as the cover doesn’t stay closed over top of it.

The Verdict: To be honest, I didn’t like either of these that much. The IQOS pouch has kind of loose fit, which worries me but it’s still tight enough that the device probably wouldn’t fall out. What’s more, the stitching on IQOS didn’t seem as secure as the knock-off device. Nevertheless, since we, ultimately, couldn’t use the knock-off, IQOS wins this round. I liked the knock-off design better because of the clip, but the fact that the magnet was no good, outweighed my love for the clip. I do wonder whether I would have had this problem had I chosen a fabric other than denim? I’m not sure. Let this be a lesson for the rest of you.

The Accessory: Following the launch of 3.0, IQOS released a silicone sleeve that was a bit easier to carry than the carry case, but still offered extra protection for your device.

IQOS Sleeve ($8USD): IQOS only sells silicone sleeves. It’s not the most sturdy material ever, but it is lightweight and easy to grip.

Knock-off Sleeve ($1USD): The knock-off sleeve looks good. In fact, it even feels a bit more solid than the IQOS sleeve, but I would IN NO WAY recommend this. Main problem: it’s impossible to get off. When I was trying to take the device out of this sleeve, I really thought I would have to cut out. Of course not all knock-off sleeves would be like this. I think alot of it comes down to the sleeve material. The official IQOS sleeve is silicone which makes it more flexible. This one is also listed at silicone, but it is way thicker and not flexible at all.

The Verdict: Once again, you can get more colors, finishes, and patters if you go knock-off, but design isn’t what’s important when buying a sleeve; material is. If you don’t intend to ever take the sleeve off, a knock-off sleeve like the one above would probably serve you well, but if you do want to change the sleeve every so often, stick to the official IQOS one or be very cautious and only buy silicone knock-offs.

The Accessory: Now here’s an option we had to throw in: device stickers, commonly called ‘skins.’ This is an accessory not offered by IQOS, but which have become somewhat popular with IQOS users. These are essentially just stickers with cool patters, pictures, and textures that wrap around the device.

Knock-Off Stickers/Skins ($2USD): They are stickers that are cut to fit an IQOS device. Make sure you buy the right one for your device, as a 2.4 sticker is not going to fit a 3.0 Multi device.

The Verdict: I was terrified that this would permanently stick to my beautiful IQOS 3.0 Multi and ruin it, but I had to find out, for the good of the internet. So I carefully applied it to the device and prayed. Amazingly it peeled off super easily! While I was indeed very happy, I couldn’t help but think ‘Would this actually stayed on if I used it over time?’ I don’t think so. I used it for a few days and it peeled away from the device constantly. Around the flat part of the device it was fine, but at the bottom and top, where the device curves slightly, the sticker bubbled and warped, letting in air and allowing dirt under the sticker. I fear that the more it peeled off of the curved part, the more it would peel away from the flat parts too. I was also afraid of whether the sticker could rip if something caught on the bubbled up area. I tried ripping it a bit myself and although it is thick for a sticker, it rips with barely any effort at all. Overall, stickers can be beautiful and fun, but they are not long-term. The only thing I could image using a sticker for was if I had a special event to go to and wanted to coordinate my outfit. I do hope though that over time they continue to develop as it is a good idea, it just needs some fine tuning.

IQOS Charging Dock (left) and Knock-Off Charging Dock (right)

The Accessory: So far we’ve been focusing on accessories made for aesthetic purposes. Let’s switch gears and look at a more technical accessory – a charging dock.

IQOS Charging Dock ($40USD): One word: HEAVY. We purchased the 2.4/2.4 Plus single charging dock and it is incredibly heavy. I can’t even imagine what the dual charging dock feels like.

Knock-Off Charging Dock ($12USD): No complaints! The quality is good and it gets the job done. The design is great! Whoever thought to incorporate a place to put your HEETS pack is a genius! I like that there is a separate charging spot for the holder as well. At first I though this feature was unnecessary as you can just charge the holder in the pocket charger, but separate charging could come in handy at times as well, so there’s no downside to it. There’s even a clip which allows you to turn this device into a portable car charger. All you have to do is attach the clip to the charging dock, then clip it onto the vents in your car!

The Verdict: It’s a tie! Overall I like the knock-off more. Everything that the IQOS dock has, the knock-off has, and more. It’s lightweight, has a place for your HEETS, has separate spaces for the pocket charger and the holder, and it can transform from a stationary charging dock to a car charger. For those reasons, I think it is better than IQOS. That being said, I do think there is a level of security that you get when you purchase an IQOS item that you don’t get with a knock-off. We were lucky and our knock-off charging dock worked fine, but what if it hadn’t? Would the seller replace it? Would they give us a new one free of charge? Probably not. My best advice is don’t spend too much on a knock-off. $12 isn’t a huge loss, but if you start getting up into the $30 range, then just buy the official IQOS one.

IQOS Clip-On Tray

The Accessory: Lastly, we’re adding an accessory that we got as a bonus. There was a promotion at the IQOS store one day when we were there and we got a clip-on tray as a result.

IQOS Clip-On Tray ($8USD): The tray is quite small, only about an inch in height. It certainly wouldn’t be able to hold much, but if you don’t have an ash tray near you, which is becoming more and more of a reality when out in public (at least here in North America), it’s very useful! I also love that it is lightweight!

Knock-Off Clip-On Trays ($4USD): When we first started researching this article, we couldn’t find a knock-off alternative online. That has quickly changed, but they are still not the easiest to find. Most of them are not portable and the one’s at are tend to be a bit… tacky. One of the only clip-on portable trays we’ve seen is a tiny version of a trash can, which maybe could be cute, but I can’t help but feel it doesn’t really fit the exclusivity of the IQOS brand. Since these weren’t available at the time, we don’t have one yet. If you’ve ever tried a clip-on portable tray, let us know what you thought!

The Verdict: I never really considered having this before, but now I wouldn’t leave the house without it. It’s so convenient!

So what do you think? Do you use any IQOS accessories, official or knock-off? What are your favorites? Did we miss any? Let us know below!

2 Responses

  1. MikeZ says:

    (copy/ paste message from your YouTube regarding IQOS in Canada from MikeZ of IQOS MagaZine)

    Hi George, 1st…love the channel, think your content is amazing and wanted to ask if you would be interested with doing some sort of collaboration with me? I’m up for anything, but if you don’t have any objections, I could use some of your website/ channel content in my “News” section? 😉

    2nd, as per your theory, I think you are partly right but also partly wrong. Please allow me to shed some light on the November 2019 drastic price drop for Heets.

    Just a few days before price drop, Canada started to implement and enforce new tobacco regulations that standardize the design of all tobacco and tobacco-related products across country.

    ALL tobacco products (incl cigarettes and Heets) must now remove all images, color, branding, logos and all packaging must use the exact same brown color and plain text font (if you’re interested in seeing some pictures, let me know). The lowered the Heets prices the very next week and my guess is that they did it to offset the potential losses due to the regulation.

    That being said, I do indeed think you are right that the North American market will be extremely difficult for IQOS to crack, due to all of the tobacco regulations, especially the the zero tolerance marketing ones.

    For example, the first time I heard of IQOS is when my cousin brought one back from Japan 6 months ago. I loved it and was shocked to find out that IQOS has been available in Canada for over to 2 years! I had no idea!! Even now, when using my IQOS in public it’s almost guaranteed that at least 1 strangwr will ask me what it is.

    I believe that the North American success/ failure, is completely dependent on the FDA pending decisions, to 1) allow PMI to market this product and 2) allow PMI to market the product as a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

    The had no choice but to launch “HEETS” in Canada as the Marlboro brand is not allowed here. But from what I’ve been told, in Canada although branded as HEETS, they are in fact the same top quality as the Marlboro Heet sticks elsewhere.

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