HiTaste Releases P8

On Saturday May 23rd, 2020 a new device called HiTaste P8 appeared on the HiTaste website. P8 is advertised as having many of the same features as previous HiTaste devices including; temperature adjustment, length of cycle adjustment, self-cleaning, and over-temperature protection. From promotional photos it also appears that HiTaste P8 is also equipped with a usage record counter, meaning that the device records how many cycles it has completed.

Without testing the device for verification, the biggest difference between P8 and previous HiTaste models seems to be length of cycle time. The manufacturer claims that HiTaste P8 offers a 6 minute cycle. That is 1 minute more than both P5 and P6. Unfortunately, P8 doesn’t offer as many continuous cycles as it’s predecessor P6. P8 offers approximately 26 cycles before needing to charge. P6 offered 35.

HiTaste P8 comes in a variety of colors, including black, gray, gold, pastel pink, and lilac.

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SOURCE: http://www.hitaste.net/content/?43.html