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NeoStiks Flavors

GLO has one of the largest HeatStick flavor ranges on the market so we feel confident in saying that there truly is something for everyone! There are two types of GLO HeatSticks; Kent NeoStiks and Neo. Kent NeoStiks are very similar to traditional cigarettes both in design and taste. They tend to be quite smooth whereas Neo are a bit stronger in flavor. Neo has a really unique feature in that the HeatStick can be crushed at the end of the cycle to change the intensity of the flavor even more.

*For the purpose of this article, we’ll refer to both varieties of GLO HeatSticks as ‘NeoStiks.’

NeoStiks are longer and thinner (3.5 inches in length and 0.25 inches in width) than traditional cigarettes and most other HeatSticks. They are more similar, in size, to slim cigarettes, therefore they only fit in GLO products. One of our readers theorized that the slim design most likely helps the tobacco within the NeoStik to heat evenly through since GLO does not have a heating blade but instead surrounds the NeoStik with heated coils. If the NeoStik were wider the heat may not be able to evenly penetrate all layers of tobacco.

FlavorDescriptionRegions Available
Neo Rich Tobacco/ Neo Ultramarine/ Neo Dark+ / Kent NeoStiks Rich Tobacco
Rich tobacco flavorCanada, UK, EU, Japan
Neo Fresh Mix +/ Kent NeoStiks Mint Boost/ Kent NeoStiks Fresh Mix
A hint of menthol with a cooling sensationEU, Ukraine, Russia, Japan
Neo Purple/ Neo Electric Purple/ Neo Dark Fresh/ Kent NeoStiks Dark Fresh

Mint and grape taste – very similar to
Purple Label HEETS/ Marlboro
for IQOS Purple Menthol, some users say
it tastes like cigars
UK, EU, Japan
Kent NeoStiks Berry Boost/Neo Boost Berry +/ Neo Boost Red

Mint and berry flavorUkraine, Japan
Neo Smooth Tobacco/ Neo Yellow/ Neo Roasted +
Roasted tobaccoCanada, UK, EU
Neo Creamy +
Mellow vanilla and mangoJapan
Neo Boost Tropic +
Menthol and fruit punch flavorJapan
Neo Boost Aqua +
Smooth menthol, users say it is both sweet and savoryJapan
Neo Navy Blue/ Kent NeoStiks Regular Bright Tobacco
Pure tobaccoUK, EU, Russia, Japan
Neo Green/ Neo Electric Green/ Kent NeoStiks Mint Boost
MintUK, EU, Japan
Neo Electric Yellow/ Neo Spark Yellow/ Kent NeoStiks Citrus Fresh/ Kent NeoStiks Citric Mix/ Neo Citrus Twist +
Intense citrus flavorEU, Poland, Japan
Kent NeoStiks Smooth Fresh/ Neo Click Green
Mint and vanillaUkraine, Japan
Kent NeoStiks Intensely Fresh
Intense mint/mentholJapan
Kent NeoStiks Spark Fresh
Mint and sour plumJapan

HEETS are available in numerous package sizes and for varying prices depending on the country and methods of purchase.

NeoStiks Design

NeoStiks have 4 main components; the tobacco (reconstituted tobacco, made from shredded stems and leaves), the cooling section (where vapor from the heated tobacco collects), the filter (removes impurities), and the mouthpiece (the section from which the user breathes). The NeoStick structure is almost entirely made out of paper, and most of our test users agreed that it did have the same texture as a traditional cigarette.

Like other big tobacco companies, BAT isn’t very open about the actual ingredients in NeoStiks and when we contacted them, they would not divulge the exact amount of tobacco within each NeoStick. We do know, however, they contain reconstituted tobacco, glycerol, and flavorings, but have very few specifics beyond that.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you use Neo rather than Kent NeoStiks, try crushing the HeatStick near the end of the cycle for a more intense taste. Neo’s inner filter catches micro-particles throughout the cycle and, when crushed, will release an intense burst that comes from the micro-particles.
  • Buy from Japan! Japan always seems to get the best flavors and the best variety! The Japanese flavors were by far a favourite among our test users! We also love that there are frequently limited edition or seasonal flavors released there. To purchase your HeatSticks from Japan we recommend using Personal Shopper Japan.

Video Review

Let us know if there’s anything we missed! What NeoStick flavors are available in your country? Which one is your favorite?

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