GLO Discontinued in Canada

Late in 2019 all GLO products were removed from the GLO Canada website. When you landed on the site you saw a navy blue background with white writing that said ‘GLO is no longer available.’ At first there was no explanation provided on the website, so we figured that perhaps it was in preparation for launching GLO Nano and GLO Pro internationally. We kept an eye on the site since then.


On March 01, 2019 we noticed something new; a small link that said ‘Learn Why.’ We clicked on the link and were directed to a page that informed us that GLO is being discontinued in Canada.

This is incredibly frustrating, but sadly not surprising. The Heat-Not-Burn industry in Canada is weak compared to regions like Asia and Eastern Europe. Heat-Not-Burn is not well-known in Canada, which means that individuals interested in harm reduction almost always purchase vape products. It seems that Imperial Tobacco, the Canadian distributor of GLO and a British American Tobacco subsidiary, took this into account when choosing to discontinue GLO, as they are openly promoting Vype, their vaping brand, instead.


For Canadian GLO users this is quite sad as they will now have to ship GLO products into the country.

For, IQOS, the last Heat-Not-Burn retailer standing in Canada, this is both good and bad. On one hand, IQOS no longer has any competition in the Canadian market. On the other hand this may spell doom for the entire Heat-Not-Burn industry here. Perhaps GLO was smart cutting their loses and focusing on a more profitable product line. We will have to see how things progress.

To read more about Heat-Not-Burn in Canada, click here.

Where you a Canadian GLO user? Let us know how you feel about this int he comments below.

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  1. Alex says:

    If you look at PMI‘a full year results, they are the dominant HNB player on every market where they are present – I suspect glo will soon be withdrawn from other markets. On trips to Ukraine and Japan (markets where both glo and Iqos are present), Iqos was omniprésent in bars and smoking areas whereas I only saw no more than a handful of glo users, this despite far more visible promotional activity for glo (at least when I was there). This is all not a substantiated opinion, but I think glo is just an unappealing product.

    • Heat180 says:

      Very true! I did see alot of ads for GLO when travelling through Japan but only saw one or two people actually using it, compared to IQOS or Ploom which I saw all the time. I would bet your assessment will turn up true and GLO will be pulled from more markets.

      I really wonder what it is about GLO that is so unappealing? Really I think it’s a great device in terms of quality and function. I wonder if part of it isn’t the aspect of exclusivity? IQOS, I feel, is very exclusive. It’s a bit like the iPhone of the Heat-Not-Burn world. Whereas GLO isn’t flashy, it isn’t expensive. It’s like an Android. If you think of it in those terms, there are hundreds of ‘Android-like’ Heat-Not-Burn devices. Products from China, knock-off devices, etc. Maybe that’s where GLO made their mistake; they never promoted it as something exclusive, something special?

      • Alex says:

        I fully agree with you, the IQOS does have an apple-like exclusive quality. Moreover, IQOS had first-mover advantage in every market and it had far more media coverage (HNB is almost exclusively associated with IQOS).

        In terms of product, personally speaking, I find that glo looks awkward in usage – it’s like a juicebox! IQOS, ploom and lil look far more elegant to use. Another point, that a friend of mine brought up, is that the heatsticks for glo are too similar to thin cigarettes, and so wouldn’t appeal to most men and a large subset of women.

        • Heat180 says:

          Hi Alex, I apologize for such a late reply!

          You’ve got a great point about GLO’s design. I myself am willing to sacrifice design for performance and I like how GLO performs, but it does look a bit… Even with GLO’s new devices you can tell that they’re trying to make the design more elegant, but they’re so far behind in the game now I don’t think they’ll ever catch up to IQOS, Ploom, Lil, and even independent brands like HiTaste or UWOO. What’s more, GLO’s newer designs aren’t as good in terms of performance, whereas IQOS is doing better with each design they release. Have you tried the IQOS DUO yet? In my opinion it’s the best yet!

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