George Laczko

George Laczko

Heat180 was created by George Laczko, a Canadian entrepreneur and Heat-Not-Burn enthusiast. George first discovered Heat-Not-Burn products when travelling in Japan. He saw numerous people using HnB devices, but at the time he did not know what the devices were.

George smoked for years but hoped to quit before his first child was born. So he was interested in alternatives to traditional smoking and decided to research what he had seen in Japan.

Eventually, George purchased a HnB device to try out. He didn’t like it at first, but after feeling better while using it, he decided to switch from cigarettes. George was impressed that he so easily quit traditional smoking with HnB. He hadn’t been able to quit with vaping alone.

As George continued to explore the HnB industry, he discovered new and innovative products and was continuously impressed by the many flavors of HeatSticks available from different manufacturers. He wanted to spread the word about Heat-Not-Burn and so he created, a place for HnB enthusiasts to gather and share their experiences and opinions. George is proud that, since the website’s creation in March of 2019, people from around the world have been brought together through Heat180. He hopes that the Heat180 community can continue to grow as this exciting industry progresses.

To contact George Laczko and our other Heat180 Team Members, please feel free to reach out to us at, or through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.