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Last week we posted a list of our Best Heat-Not-Burn Devices of 2019. These are the devices we thought performed best under specific criteria. But HnB doesn’t work with just the device. The HeatSticks are also essential! So today we’ve got Heat180’s Best HeatStick Flavors!

Best IQOS HeatSticks: Marlboro for IQOS Regular, Marlboro for IQOS Yellow Menthol, and Marlboro for IQOS Menthol


Marlboro for IQOS Regular, also called Amber Label or Oak, is probably most similar to the taste of traditional cigarettes. With it’s strong tobacco taste, this HeatStick is essential. We’d especially recommend this for anyone who is in the process of switching or has recently switched to Heat-Not-Burn.

Marlboro for IQOS Yellow Menthol, also called Green Zing, is such a unique flavor we had to include it on our Best of 2019 list. This HeatStick has a smooth menthol flavor with a hint of citrus. It’s unique but the flavors blend well.

Marlboro for IQOS Menthol, also called Blue Label, has a nice, pure menthol flavor that is very similar to Marlboro Menthol. In our opinion this HeatStick offers the best menthol taste on the market.


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Best GLO HeatSticks: Berry Boost, Creamy +, Mint Boost


Kent NeoStiks Berry Boost, also called Neo Boost Berry+ or Neo Boost Red is a refreshing flavor that combines the taste of mint and berries. We’ve heard that this HeatStick flavor is quite popular in Eastern Europe and we can see why.

Neo Creamy+ is one of our team’s all time favorite flavors. This HeatStick flavor, exclusive to Japan, is a subtle blend of vanilla and mango. It is unlike anything else on the market.

Kent NeoStiks Mint Boost, also called Kent NeoStiks Fresh Mix or Neo Fresh Mix+, tastes like menthol and also offers that cooling sensation that menthol causes. What we really like about this flavor though is that the menthol taste is not overpowering. Often we find that too get the cooling sensation the menthol is just too strong, but with this HeatStik that is not the case.


If you mention Heat180 to Personal Shopper Japan you will save ¥888 on your first purchase of HeatSticks

Best Alternative HeatSticks: Healcier*

*Healcier does not contain nicotine


We have to give this year’s Best Alternative HeatSticks award to Healcier. Healcier has absolutely taken the market by storm this year. Within a couple months this brand went from being kind of difficult to find, to being all over our twitter feeds and easily purchased on e-cig and harm reduction sites. We really liked the taste of their products and think they’re a good alternative if you don’t want HeatSticks with nicotine. Our favorite flavor was the menthol as it is a bit more like what you would find in a nicotine HeatStick. However Healcier does offer Regular, Citrus, and Blueberry flavors as well.

What are your top HeatStick flavors for the year? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out our full lists of IQOS HeatStick flavors and GLO HeatStick flavors.

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