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About Heat180.com

Heat180 helps connect new or experienced Heat-Not-Burn (HnB) users with the best products, brands, and manufacturers on the market.

On Heat180.com you will find honest and independent reviews of devices and HeatStick flavors. You will also be kept informed about any breaking industry news. And most excitingly you can use Heat180.com as a platform to connect with other Heat-Not-Burn users and manufacturers to get recommendations and learn about the Heat-Not-Burn industry around the globe!

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How To Use Heat180.com

If you are new to Heat-Not-Burn start at our Beginner’s Guide to HnB. Here you can find basic information, like what Heat-Not-Burn is and the science behind it. You will also find recommendations for your first Heat-Not-Burn device.

If you are an experienced HnB user, check out our Best HnB Products, where you will find our recommendations based on specific criteria. For example; ‘Best Devices of The Year,’ ‘Best HeatStick Flavors,’ ‘Best Battery,’ ‘Best Price,’ and more.

Or search for a specific device review in our Reviews section.


We here at Heat180.com appreciate all the hard work that Heat-Not-Burn manufacturers, content creators, and industry insiders do to help grow the HnB and harm reduction industries. So we’ve designed and awarded badges as a symbol of such! You may see our badges on blogs, videos, and e-stores. There are many different kinds of badges, such as ‘Best Content’ and ‘Industry Leader,’ which are awarded to specific businesses and people that make a global impact with their work. There’s also the ‘Industry Certification Award,’ which is given to any company whose HnB device we test, review, and determine to be both legitimate and a worthwhile purchase for customers. Being awarded a Heat180 badge is a symbol of prestige, so congratulations to all our current and future badge recipients.