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Heat180 is a independent virtual community created by and for Heat-Not-Burn enthusiasts. Heat180 aims to provide in-depth, unbiased reviews and up-to-date information on the most recent developments in the Heat-Not-Burn industry. Heat180 is a welcoming place where users and enthusiasts, producers/ manufacturers, and those curious to learn more about Heat-Not-Burn products can gather to share experiences and ideas.

Our Reviews

With the goal of providing honest and unbiased reviews that are beneficial to both current users of, and individuals new to, Heat-Not-Burn products, we formulate our reviews in partnership with test subjects and community contributors. We focus not only on the technical aspects of a device, but also the overall experience. We then summarize the data collected in both written and video content. We determine a fair rating based on our test users’ experiences, but then we leave the rest up to you! Just fill in the comment form at the bottom of a review page to have your say on that particular device! We are not affiliated with, nor are we being funded by, Heat-Not-Burn manufacturers which means we always give fair and accurate reviews.


As a member of the Heat-Not-Burn community your opinions matter. Heat180 is an independent space in which all product assessments are recognized and respected. We encourage you to share your thoughts in the website’s Forum. Moreover, if you wish to meaningfully contribute to Heat180’s content by providing a detailed product review, please visit our Contact page.

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We here at Heat180.com appreciate all the hard work that Heat-Not-Burn manufacturers, content creators, and industry insiders do to help grow the HnB and harm reduction industries. So we’ve designed and awarded badges as a symbol of such! You may see our badges on blogs, videos, and e-stores. There are many different kinds of badges, such as ‘Best Content’ and ‘Industry Leader,’ which are awarded to specific businesses and people that make a global impact with their work. There’s also the ‘Industry Certification Award,’ which is given to any company whose HnB device we test, review, and determine to be both legitimate and a worthwhile purchase for customers. Being awarded a Heat180 badge is a symbol of prestige, so congratulations to all our current and future badge recipients.